Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday think pink

Mid week here and got some awesome polishes and nail tattoos from my friend. She said she thought of me cause I love nail polish when she saw these cut pink ribbon nail tattoos. With October days away it is almost breast cancer awareness month.

I have cupcake orders for my baking business for two boutique events and a ladies church group for pink ribbon decorated and themed yummy dliteful creation cupcakes. Why not do my nails in support of a great cause. My girlfriend is a big breast cancer supporter she does the walks, raises money and more. You can find these tattoos for your nails at beauty supply shops and michael's craft store is where she found mine.

The polishes I got today are Essie trophy wife then china glaze special breast cancer awareness line I got exquisite and there was another Essie I have to look at the name. I will update on here shortly.

I tried on all three polishes. Essie Trophy Wife is gorgeous and I love blue, turquoise and teal colors so much, that and purple or black/almost black colors are a huge part of my collection. I'm not big into crackle and I use to have a lot of matte polishes a couple of years ago but around winter last year that was out. Crazy how quick some things come back. Anyways I also don't like the magnetic polish that much either, it's cool but my thumb never looks as cool as the rest and being a bit of an OCD perfectionist kind of person it almost makes me feel anxious looking at it lol. It is fun like I said but for a day I couldn't wear that all week or a couple days. It's so weird I get bored with a polish quick. I have a few that I wear for five days maybe six, with my toes I wear same the color for two weeks unless I have a special event or occasion then I will change them to match or coordinate with my dress or outfit. I am big into coordinating my wardrobe, accessories and nails. Ido like everything to be matched perfect just coordinated nicely.

Okay wandered off subject for a minute it's late and raining, I'm enjoying sitting on my back patio writing this. The Essie Trophy wife is a gorgeous color, has a nice shimmer to it and applied nicely with two coats. I won't be wearing it yet on my hands but it is in line for soon. Lol.

I painted the china glaze pink with a gorgeous almost iridescent pretty glimmer almost sparkle to it. I like pink it took me years to warm up to it cause being a rock girl and when I was younger big into punk, heavy metal, rock and underground local music I always have had a passion for dark everything. I wore red, purple and blue but in dark vamp shades. For a brief period I was going for manicure and pedicure every two weeks and would do a French or American maybe red for Christmas and green for st party's fat. Pink was never a must have or favorite. Now that I have two daughters I have begun to enjoy the pink a lot more. This china glaze is a keeper.

I did two costs, second coat was thick of the China Glaze then I added the nail tattoo. Was simple just like a fake body tattoo apply with a damp cloth, pressure for a few minutes, slowly peel off the back and there it is! Your pink ribbon. I stress slowly peeling off cause first one i saw the edge was stuck down so peeled off and some tore off. Be slow and take your time. It is so small I used a q-tip with water and pushed it down with that for 2-3 minutes give or take.

I always finish off with my Posche or Out The Door quick dry, today it was a coat of Posche since I just got a new bottle:). I think it came out super pretty. I will rock this for sure come October in support of breast cancer awareness month. Enjoy everyone and I got my Birchbox today will share my thought on my second box and this time I changed up my profile so I got betters things that I use and like;). Even got a color club nail polish. Everyone already got their's this month mine was lost so I just got it. Thinking of joining another one I saw tonight, I love the box subscription it's like getting a present every month:). Come on girls we all know we love presents. Girly stuff at that. I think it's the best:). Have a great evening, I am in the best mood I have been in over a week, feeling great and things are going really good. I am so happy more people have started following me and both my stores are doing great. I opened an etsy shop I had one for my jewelry but was over the prices. I decided with my crafts and decor items I would try store envy I just don't see the traffic like I got on etsy. More people are familiar with etsy. Store envy is great I love it and no posting fees or percentage of sales taken off. In one day I posted only four wreaths and I have jewelry, wreaths, decor and candles on storenvy, today only my four wreaths got more likes, shares and views then all my stuff on storenvy. Check out my shops and let me know what you think. and Have 10% off till oct 15. Thank you everyone


  1. woo hoo for breast cancer awareness! the stickers your friend got you are super cute!

  2. Thank you and hope you have followed my blog. I will check out your blog to follow=). I love breast cancer awareness month and pink. They are super cute check out your local Michael's craft store they have a pink ribbon section and I saw them there for a couple dollars. Let me know if you find them if not I will pick some up for you and send them, just message me your address. I don't mind.