Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My first mini contest to help get followers

UPDATE: Had some people ask me to make the contest have more nail polishes so I went ahead and changed out some of the prizes. This is my first contest so please feel free to give me feedback. Reason why I had other type of prizes is because my blog is not just about nail polishes. I love nail polish and I blog a lot about polishes but I also love fashion, home decor, crafts, accesssories, jewelry, beauty products of all types not just nails. I will be hosting another giveaway next month so the items will be back that I removed. I will also have shampoo, hair care products, home products, crafts, baked goods, gift cards and more. Sorry if anyone was into the other prizes I promise if you wanted one of them you will see them back in one of the upcoming contests. Thank you=)I have put together a few small prizes for my blog contest. This is the first of many. I plan to do a contest every month. I have nail polishes, earrings and bracelets I make, accessories, wallets, iPad and iPhone cases, holiday themed decor, hair products, a little bit of everything. I have many items set aside I need to go through but wanted to at least post some photos of my first giveaway items.

I am going to go with smaller stuff this first time around since I only have a handful of followers to start. I promise the prizes will get better the more popular my blog becomes. For now this is more to get my feet wet with hosting a giveaway.

Here is a peak at the first set of prizes and I will set up the rules etc before the weekend so everyone can officially enter. I'm not categorizing them as first, second or third just random drawing for each prize.

I have the mini nail package with two coach limited edition nail polishes. Both are shimmer polishes one is gold the other is pink. Also have a package of nail glitter or I call it nail dust. These are great for doing nail art or just dusting over your favorite polish for added sparkle or color.

Second prize I have is a custom pair of handmade gold earrings with Swarovski crystals in each bead. I made these myself. I make lots of jewelry and sell it. Usually custom pieces which you can see more photos of on my other blog www.dlitefulsweets.blogspot.com. There is a link at the top of this blog that will take you to the site. I also have photos on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dlitefulcreations. I have mentioned before I own a baking/pastry business and do event/party planning, candy/dessert tables, custom decor, gift bags, candy bouquets and interior decor. Check out my work.

Next up is a mini Serum No 5 Peach, and Essie new fall 2012 Don't Sweater it

Last of all is Nicole by OPI Wavy Navy polish and a nail file, and buffer stick in one.

This is just a small sample of contest prizes I have to come. I have a Tigi gift set with sulfate free shampoo for curly hair, styling cream, lipgloss and one of the new amazing hair ties which you will see in an upcoming blog.
I will announce before the end of the weekend the deadline and rules to enter. Thank you again for your patience and again I threw this together cause I been wanting to test out a contest and hope in the future I can get better and bigger prizes but for now hoping to generate some new followers, readers and friends for my blog.

Check out the photos and my other blog/Facebook page. Please tell your friends and fellow bloggers. More posts to come on some home fragrance products, crafts for the holidays, my nail polish rack DIY and of course polish photos/reviews:).

In remembrance of 9-11 my prayers and thoughts go out to the families of the victims. My daughter made me a pin today in pre-k with a flag and red, white and blue ribbons that we both wore all day, it now hangs in my car.

Also happy hump day tomorrow, only two more days till TGIF. It is also my 14 year wedding anniversary. We had dinner plans but with my mom here recovering from the awful accident at Disney and emergency hip replacement surgery I can't leave her alone that long. We can always do it another night. Next year is the big one 15 years amazing can't believe it has been so long and not to mention the 5 years we were together before we got hitched. I am blessed to be married to an amazing man, dad and my best friend. Thank God:).

Good night all,


will post photos of the Nicole by OPI Wavy Navy with nail stick and the Serum No 5 with the new fall 2012 Essie Don't Sweater It=).  Thank you

Below at bottom added a photo of the other polishes I added to giveaway the Nicole by opi and serum no 5 then the other one is the new Essie fall collections Don't sweater it. I wanted to make sure there were pics of the polishes for you all to see:). Good luck and much appreciation for everyone who has followed me and joined or liked my fb pages. Next give away will be in October.

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