Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thank you to all my new followers..

I am so excited to log on to the computer today and see that I have gotten some new followers.  It hasn't been easy.  I have no idea how some people have over 100.  I have a facebook page for my baking and I have over 250 likes/fans.  That was easier cause all my friends would post a link and people would check out my work and then like my page.  Helped me get a lot of exposure and business.  I have considered a fb page for my blog maybe that would help get me more exposure also.

I would have contests on my fb page for a certain # who ever was that number would win free cakes, cupcakes or gift certificates and it worked amazing.  That is why I have started having giveaways and contests on here.  I hope to catch other bloggers attention then hope that they will share the contest or my link on their blogs and also I would love some advice on ways to get more followers.  It is hard cause I blog about so much.  With my business blog it is all cakes, baking, recipes, party and event planning stuff then home decor.  I started this blog cause of my love for shopping, finding amazing deals on designer products from beauty, fashion to things for my kids and home.  I love reading other blogs and checking out pinterest.

I am so excited to have any new followers it makes me super happy.  I hope the list continues to grow and more people start to enjoy my finds, photos, nail and beauty product reviews etc.  I love reading other blogs so I hope some of you are enjoying mine also.  Good luck to everyone who entered the contests and I promise I will continue to have them, the prizes will change from beauty products, to home products, jewelry I make, crafts and more.

Thank you again and you have no idea how much it means to me=)



  1. Still going to try to promote you!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for all your support and help Kandyce. It means a lot to me and if you ever need any help let me know I am here for you;), Hope you have a fabulous week