Sunday, September 9, 2012

I won my first Lynnderella Polish on Ebay!

I was excited to wake up this morning to see that I finally won a Lynnderella polish on eBay, I have been trying for weeks but can not pay over $20 up to $65 for a polish.  Luckily since the bidding ended in the late to early morning hours I finally won one and in my budget.  I now get to see what the hype is all about.  I can't wait for it to come so I can post a swatch and review.  This nail polish line has me intrigued to say the least with how much people will pay for a bottle of it.  It is like liquid gold.  Here is the bottle I won.  I think it will look great in a blue jelly sandwich mani.  Can't wait and blue is my second favorite color=).

Here she is Deep Blue Seeing.  Yay!  Also I won a lot of Butter with the base and top coat along with 3 colors, then some other indie polishes that are in route that I can't wait to review and try=).  I love the Indie and Independent made polishes.  I get excited too when ever I win something off eBay it is like a contest lol.  Just I have to pay instead of winning it for free.

This week when I get the chance going to get together some photos of the nail polishes I am giving away.  I have some Nicole by OPI, Serum No 5 mini, Zoya and more, also have some bracelets and earring I make that I will be adding as prizes.  Can't wait to have my first contest.  Just hoping to get some more followers on here, maybe the contest will help generate more.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I have some craft posts coming this week for fall/halloween along with some super savings.  Nite


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