Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zoya Share The Love Program

Click on the below link for the share the love program if you are not already a member, by doing this I get some reward points and you instantly get a coupon in your account for a free polish with your purchase.  Who doesn't want a free polish=).  I always love to get something for free.

I also am a member of the Julep Maven club and have a code for your to click so I can get free box with two references and you can get a box for a penny, there are several different promo codes going around for that.  I used color2012, also saw discount2012 and penny.  I actually have told a few friends that have taken advantage of the penny deal but did not use my link;(.  I always am trying to help out others so if you have any thing you get credit for if someone signs up or places an order please leave me a comment and link with this post so I can check it out=).

Click Here to go to my link for the share the love or I have a link on my side bar.  Thank you=)

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