Monday, September 24, 2012

Easy Glitter Removal

I know everyone has been pining on pinterest about using glue to put on your nails then polishing so you can just peel off the hard to remove glitter nail polishes.  I know I struggle with it often and sometimes avoid glitter all together, but I love glitter and all the new Indie brands with glitter, I just have to try them out.  While I was surfing the web I came across this product and googled to get a photo of it.

I of course am open to trying it going to check out where I can get it and how much it costs.  I personally don't like to peel or scrape anything off my nails, the feeling creeps me out makes me feel like I am peeling away my nail, ugh gross feeling.  I will update with where you can purchase it for the least amount and prices to update with.  If anyone has it or tried it let me know what you think, is it worth it??


  1. If you want this particular brand,it's only available in Germany,I believe. When I first saw it on my friend's blog,I immediately asked if we could do a swap. However,there are other options, one is Innisfree Eco-Peel Off Base Coat available on,search for it in Beauty. There is also what some may call the cheapest alternative which has been a buzz on all the blogs,Elmer's glue. From what the gals are writing, the glue works just as well as Essence. Here are a few links you can read and and Hope that helps,Melissa!

  2. Thalie,

    Thank you for the details, I have been having a hard time finding it. I have tried the glue too. Lol. It all feels weird cause I feel like I am peeling away my nails, creepy feeling. Thank you for the links I will check them out=). Hope you are doing good. XOXO