Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Favorite face cleanser and care products

I have weird skin. Up till I had my last daughter I had clear skin with occasional break outs around that time of the month. Then I hit 30 and had my second child. Now I get dark spots from sun, and what I call 30's acne. I only break out on my chin really and it is awful sometimes.

I have combination skin it's actually pretty close to normal but my chin is oily. I have tried pro active and every drug store facial acne cleanser, mask, scrub ad treatment. Nothing worked good. They worked but not like i wanted. I don't like to use products that dry out my face then I have sensitive skin, I have gotten swollen eyes and lips from products. I recently was so frustrated after going to the dermatologist and wasting money on microdermabrasion, peels, facials, expensive cleansers and scrubs then they discussed medicine which I researched and is not good on the liver or body.

What girl wants have acne, no one does not even just girls men too. It's hard. I don't wear makeup often so I can't cover it and if I do it makes it worse cause my skin isn't use to it and it clogs up my pores bad. I started to feel cursed since two years ago I have gained weight, lost energy, memory is crazy, and then acne. Anyways I went to ulta one day killing time I the lady there recommended like $100 worth of Murad products. I again don't like a lot of acne treatments cause it drys my skin that later leads to more wrinkles and I don't want that lol. I purchased a small bottle of the Murad clarifying cleanser. I also got a product i use to have and a bottle would last me two years, I would use it around that time of the month to dab on a pimple when it started the next am it was gone. It is Mario Badescu drying lotion. This is a miracle in a bottle, it dries out the area but just the pimple not entire face or area around it.

I used these two products with my regular skin care am and night. My face has changed and cleared dramatically. I also use Smooth-365 intensive clarity+smoothing peptide serum and Vivite vibrancy therapy, weekly masks that are all different some mud, clay, yogurt, etc. I use neutrogena ultra sheer spf70 every am and at night the Vivite. I have two other products I love one is eye treatment for under eyes and crows feet ROC retinal correction and since I smoked for awhile on and off I wanted to avoid the smoker lip lines so I use Younger Lips scrub and night cream. Works amazing

These are just a few products I have found that work really good. The Murad is not super expensive you can get a 2 oz bottle for $8.00 that's same as buying most drug store cleansers and this is amazing. Most expensive product I use is that Vivite but I didn't buy it got a free bottle from my surgeon from Allegra along with some free Latisse which I don't need sonic anyone wants some contact me have a month or two supply with applicators. Then was weird I haven't even used full first bottle cause you need very little but wrote Allegra and told them how much I loved the product and didn't know where to buy more, they sent me a compact, new bottle and some samples along with coupons to get more, which I guess only doctors sell it.

Check out the photos of the products I use and if you have any questions or need info on any of the items feel free to comment or email me all my info is under contacts tab:). I always love to help or let you know where to find something for less then retail. :)

Off to try to sleep lol it's 2:30 am here alarm goes off at 6:30

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