Monday, September 24, 2012

Mezmerising Monday Manicure

Usually I don't always participate in the Monday manicure on occasion it happens to fall on Monday but usually just depends on when a color starts to get old or chips.

Sad I broke a nail and have a feeling my right thumb is going to break soon to caught it digging through my purse.

This Monday I pulled out an oldie but goodie one of my favorite shades by Essie called Mezmerised. Since I saw this on another blog I had to have it, purple and blue are my favorite colors. This shade of blue is exactly like its name sake mesmerizing:). I absolutely adore it and every time I wear it makes me feel happy.

I actually need to get some of the stain remover for my nails, I always apply a base coat but when I was receiving some of my new polishes a couple weeks back I was so excited to try them that I quickly applied them and since a couple were pretty dark with it being fall I have a little staining on a couple nails. Don't like that:(. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for a good product, even a home remedy that works I am open to them:). I saw a couple at Sally's the other day but I always research stuff before I buy or try.

On to the manicure, I first applied Butter London foundation base coat, I have never really used any other base coat except for Sally Hansen cause I always saved money buying the pricier polishes and then Sally Hansen's base and top coats always worked fine, but I bid on a set off eBay of butter London that came with this base coat and hardware top coat and all I have been using is this for a base.

After applying a thin coat of the nail foundation base coat I applied two coats of Essie Mezmerised and then a quick coat of Posche fast drying top coat. Everyone who reads my blog by now must have realized that unlike a lot of bloggers I am not into seche for my top coat. I swear by Out The Door and Posche. Love them both they both give me the shine and protection I love along with the fast dry I need as a mom of two that has little time to sit and allow nails to fully dry.

Enjoy the couple photos I snapped and when I get a chance to clean up my cuticles on my right hand better I will post of few more:). What is your favorite Essie colors? I just saw one earlier when I was surfing that I wanted to add to my wish list going to have to look and see what the name was, but I fell in love:). Hope everyone has an amazing week. My daughter has a party on Saturday night I plan to do her nails and toes so I will post photos soon plus it's monday lol I will have more polish photos by mid week I am sure and I have some reviews on perfumes, holiday home fragrances, more crafts and photos from my events this week🎉 Ty again to all my new followers. If you have any questions or products you would like to hear my review on just ask. I am trying to add and catch up on a lot of products I love or swear by then where you can find them for the best price. Be mesmerized.


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  1. Oh I love that color!! May have to go find it!