Sunday, September 30, 2012

Polish and more polish

Figured I would squeeze in a quick blog. I have to check out the raffle copter cause my first contest ends officially today. Sunday. Yay! I can't wait to see who won what:). Please remember when entering my contests you must follow my blog that is the only have to thing required. Lol that was worded weird but anyways everything else is optional but for the main requirement you must follow my blog.

Tonight my oldest daughter, she will be 13 in Nov had a party for a fries of hers. It was a 13 th birthday party that was more like a sweet 16. She had the gorgeous dress and I painted her nails then did a pedicure. Also I took her to my hair lady to get her hair an makeup done. She looked gorgeous, almost a little to cute, looked like she was 16 or older. Mama isn't ready lol I want them to stay little forever. That isn't happening though she is getting big so fast and I could not be prouder of her. She is a cheerleader, straight a's, in algebra getting highschool credits and in gifted classes since she was in second grade. She takes this aerobics class and busts her little butt she is super athletic. She plays basketball too and loves to do sports and anything fitness involved. Amazing little gift that I have been blessed with. My little one is something else, super sweet and a total momma's girl my kids are my life. Best thing ever to happen to me and my best creation ever:).

I was up late last night with my horrible insomnia so was going through my polish. I realized how bad my nail polish addiction is it is almost as bad as my shoes, glasses, purses, belts and accessories lol. Okay I have a lot of everything. Even craft stuff, baking stuff, party decor and candle stuff. I am glad that I am a neat freak cause I keep everything pretty organized and it all has a place:).

I am posting a few pics of polishes and then my mani for the weekend, Paige's Julep Claire Mani and some swatching I did Thursday night;). My polish is Zoya Mimi I believe I will double check it is a purple with gold and iridescent sparkles not really like glitter cause it comes off easy thank God:). Gorgeous on. Check them out and I will post tomorrow my amazing eBay victoria secret purchases, I got some terry and velour pants with bling from victoria secret pink line that retail for over $49-69 each for $19-26 each:) love them. I love victoria secret pants for sleepin and everyday stay at home mom wear lol. Next to juicy couture they are my absolute favorite. I also have some amazing Home Goods and Kirklands finds that I got for a interior design job and for my own home, updating some rooms and always keeping my house nice:). Have a great weekend.


Good luck to all contest entries can't wait to see who wins:).

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