Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some of my creations

All the cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and candy stations are done by me.  I do party/event planning, interior design, personal shopping and baking.  I love party planning, doing crafts and more.  Wanted to share these with everyone in case you haven't had the chance to check out my facebook, or the link at top of page for my other blog.

I make all my cake batters, frostings, and fondant from scratch, no store bought here.  I have amazing recipes posted on my blog,  Check them out.  Enjoy the photos.  I have a few events coming up in the next few months for the holidays and will post some dates so everyone in South Florida can come sample my delicious and Dliteful treats=).

Rum and Coke Cake, made with Rum infused coke-a-cola chocolate cake, home made hershey chocolate infused with rum frosting, topped with cherry slice and cola gummies, then a straw for that extra kick of rum=)

More Coke cakes with lime garnish and one has coconut rum frosting the other (red) spicy rum frosting.

Cake Pops setting

Grand Opening event for Rock Paper Scissors Salon in Plantation.

Martini glass birthday cake I made last minute, got the order the night before.

Boy's Christening cake

Vanilla cupcakes made for a ladies tea at a church function.

Easter themed cupcakes

Moist Chocolate cake with whipped vanilla bean frosting for Easter.

Special Call of Duty/Military themed Camo cake

Cake Pop order for hubbies co-workers.

Inside of the camo cake.  I also make zebra, leopard, tie dye and any other design or color you request

Goodie bags for a sleep over, filled with nail polish, toe spacers, nail art pens, nail stickers, face mask, face scrub pads, terry head band, hair ties, tshirt, shorts, socks, lotion and more.

Special rainbow neon zebra cake, bottom tier for daughter's birthday.  Inside is tie dye and had 2 other layers on top.

Jager cake for a friend's birthday surprise party!

Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas cake for my BFF's daughter=)

Candy Bouquets I make.  

Tie dye cupcakes

Inside of tie dye cake.

BeSo Real Boutique Ladies Valentine's day event

Huge Sponge Bob Cake I made, everything is edible,

My special cookies n cream recipe

Another special recipe, Lemon drop cupcakes.  Lemon Cake infused with Vodka, Buttercream frosting, with lemon drop garnish and straw for that extra kick of vodka, I call it a cupcake floater shot.

Dez's 15th candy station

I made everything from the cake pops, marshmallow pops, cupcakes, all display cards, decor, ribbon etc.  Candy I buy in bulk, some was supplied by her mom.

Valentine's day, Red Velvet Grandma's recipe, good ole' southern style with cream cheese frosting and hand made fondant hearts.

Hand made fondant roses on more Valentine's day cupcakes

I made this red velvet cupcake for a dear friend, love is written with chocolate an then fondant heart.

Another shot of my pride and joy, second fondant cake I ever made for a customer.  I cried when they cut him, he looked perfecto.

Hello Kitty Cake pop, first time I ever made a character or shaped cake pop.

Cake I made for a girl that owns a pole dancing studio for her birthday.  I hand cut that fondant dancer on top.

Cupcake shaped, hello kitty shaped, regular cake pops and marshmallow pops.  I also made the stand for the out of a large party hat with styrofoam spear inside.  Had to be creative.

Hello Kitty cake I made all from scratch for my daughter's 4th Birthday party.  This is what inspired me to start selling them.

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