Saturday, September 1, 2012

Indie Polish giveaway

Hey there, wanted to take a moment to share a link to a site were you can enter to win some amazing indie polish.  I have been trying more of the Indie nail polishes, I really enjoy them and hope to one day take a try at making my own polish for fun.   I think it is amazing how many talented people are out there and how many great companies are out there on etsy.

I entered a contest last week on facebook from Serum no 5 and won on my birthday a mini sampler of 6 bottles of her polish.  I got them but haven't tried them yet but will be posting some reviews soon.

I am a huge supporter of the small businesses out there, being a small independent business owner my self I always like to support and share links to their sites, also review their products.

For now go to  Check out the site and the amazing polishes she has.  I hope to win, I entered already.  Make sure to enter and please if you win share with me.  Good luck.


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