Thursday, August 30, 2012

Adventures in color samples...

Got a load of new colors this week:). Can't wait to try them all. Also heading to Orlando to hit Disney, will be hitting the outlet malls on Saturday so hope to scoop up some more new colors.

Saturday my Essie Matte about you will be at the local beauty supply, every shop is sold out or doesn't carry it but they found one bottle at their other location and the manager is going to pick it up tomorrow for me:)! Can't wait have a lot of ideas.

Also hit eBay, ordered a few indie polishes, a five piece set of nail dotting tools, nail tape, nail brushes, and some holo silver top coat to give that holographic look to my other polishes. I figure why buy a bunch of matte and holo polishes when I can just use a top coat:). Save me money plus I love making my own creations.

Tonight my oldest daughter wanted to paint her nails. I got some Essie polishes for 2.99 and 3.99 at Marshall's so she tried out the Brazilian orange color. I also got my mini sampler polishes I won from serum no 5 so tried a couple colors on each nail and china glaze lubu heels, which I love:)!

I also got a bottle of Out the Door top coat cause I have been told it works good so I used that as the top coat. I have seche but it usually shrinks and then is super thick so scratches easily. My other favorite is Sally Hansen insta dry clear top coat. I use Poshe too which is very good also when it comes to a quick dry. The out the door dried super fast, which is my top priority then it is very nice shine and finish. Let's see how long it lasts cause my daughter plays basketball, cheers and takes art class, her nails chip easy.

Here are some photos when I get to my laptop I will label each one to let you know the colors and combos I used. Right now using my phone hard to label photos.

Enjoy and can't wait to share my finds from Orlando and I have some cakes, cupcakes and Oreo Mickey pops I made that I will be posting on my baking blog. Tomorrow will be in the Magic Kingdom with Mickey and friends to celebrate my baby girls birthday! Have a great weekend an happy shopping and blogging:)

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Out the Door, Top coat for nails.
2 Coats of Essie Bralziliant
A little yellow nail sparkle dust
one coat of Out the Door, dried super fast
2 coats of Zoya, Paloma
One coat of black and white Serum No 5
1 coat of Zoya, Paloma
Topped with Out the door

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  1. Love your blog and how you share where you find your items at. I enjoy the photos, sales, deals and more. Keep sharing and I will keep following=)