Saturday, August 25, 2012

About my blog

I just wanted to take a minute to write a quick post about my blog. I started blogging a little over a year and a half ago. I was starting a baking business and event party planning company. I wanted a way to show off my work and write about the products I loved using for my events and baking. I later started surfing on pinterest a lot and got big into crafts and refinishing furniture so I started blogging about that. Then being a woman I am always sampling beauty products, gadgets and home decor/products so I started writing about my favorite products, deals and sales I would come across.

I started this blog specifically for beauty products like hair, makeup, nailpolish and nail techniques I found on pinterest. I also always had people asking me where did you get this or what is that scent in your home. I realized a lot of people just like me google about products and read reviews. Also that many love to try out new products etc.

I am always signing up for sample programs like Birchbox, glossy box, qvc test tube, julep nail club etc. I love to try new products and share what I love and then also let people know what I don't care for. It's all opinion bit I enjoy sharing and reading other blogs also.

I love to share sales, coupons and deals with others cause I love to get a tip on something I can get for below retail or free sometimes. Being a stay at home mom with no full time income of my own I am always searching for sales and deals. I rarely buy anything for full price or without a coupon or code. Even when I order something or purchase something my kids need I hit the Internet and look for deals, coupons or Internet codes to save even if I just get free shipping that saves me money which then excites me lol.

It is hard to start a blog and gain followers. I started my baking blog and even after almost two years I get lots of views but have a handful of followers. One day I would love to have a successful blog that is followed by many. It is a work in progress for me but I am always looking for followers and I am always getting new products to sample and review. I would love for people to follow my blog and recommend more things you would like to see or how to get more interest in my blog. I follow a lot of fellow bloggers and I really enjoy reading about others experiences with sales, products etc.

Hope that everyone stays tuned to my blog. I am in the process of redesigning my layout and getting more of my reviews, photos etc posted. I promise lots to come in the future and please fellow bloggers follow me, I will be sure to follow everyone who follows me support is well appreciated.:) xoxo


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