Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lot's to update on

So sorry I have been super busy the passed couple weeks and then we were on vacation for 10 days in TN so I have not been able to blog.  I have so many things to write about.  I was planning on doing a back to school deals and savings blog, but since school has already started in some areas and is going to be starting on Monday here I think I am late on that one.  I have lots of reviews on beauty products, things from our trip to TN, deals and steals from back to school shopping, some amazing steals on beauty products I found the passed few weeks, then so much more.  I have to play catch up, but since school is starting I should be able to catch up.

I also have some great photos of vacation, products and more.  I promise this week I will get caught up on things and next week I will have lots of things to blog about and get ya'll caught up on things=).  I also am trying to figure out a way to connect all my blogs.  I have two other blogs, one is for my business Dliteful Creations and Designs, then my furniture rehab and vintage furniture blog.  I want to somehow get them all connected so that way everyone can read about all the things I do and that I love.

Sorry this is so sloppy and quick but just wanted to get on here and make sure that I posted something so that everyone knows I have not gone mia.  We had a great vacation and I really am considering moving out of Florida soon.  Hoping we can move in the next year or two.  I really need a change and loved being in the mountains so much.  

Off to finish laundry and my shopping list to finish up getting last minute things for my girls for back to school.  Can't believe how fast this summer flew by.  Stay tuned, can't wait to share all the amazing items I got the passed few weeks and super deals I came across.  I have tons of new nail polishes, beauty products, samples, and more.  Also signed up for birchbox beauty samples monthly shipping club and want to share that with you as well.  It is really amazing and you get to sample some great beauty products monthly for only $10 a month.  It is pretty cool and can't wait to tell you more=).  

Enjoy the rest of your summer for those who have are still in summer mode, for the rest congrats on back 2 school for your kiddies and hope they all are having a great first week.


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