Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cute dresses on sale at Marshall's & TJ Maxx

I like to post about deals and sales I spot when out browsing or shopping. I am on a super tight budget right now so I refuse to buy clothes at retail prices. I love designer name brands but I will however buy none name brands or stuff from Walmart or target anytime I find something cute.

I found a fabulous skirt from young, fabulous and broke for 24.99 @ Marshall's that is navy blue tie dye what is cool about it is it can be worn as a dress also if you pull up the fold over part. It is multipurpose lol.

I also found a similar dress by another brand in tie dye pattern also that was 14.99

I got a cute skirt navy an tie dye I will have to update brand want to say it is tryst had a 100 retail tag was 29.99 then marked down to 15.00 at TJ Maxx.

I also got a Romeo and Juliet adorable dress tag showed 168 retail paid 19.99 on sale the lady even left the register to double check clearance tag cause she could not believe it.

I found some other random cute long dresses which has been my back to school mommy fashion this weeknlol for 12.99-15.00 at Marshall's. Also will have a post on the steal of Michael Kors handbags at my local TJ Maxz coming up on a future post! Please share with me your finds and deals I am always looking:). I have bought so many amazing items from these stores and Home Goods for around the house.

Enjoy my photos and have a safe dry weekend. Have tropical storm warnings here where I live. Can't wait cause my birthday is Monday. Lol. Xoxo


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  1. Love the Romeo and Juliet dress what a great deal. TJ Maxx has a contest every week for great finds on their fb check it out. Love your blog