Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wen review

While I was away on vacation my best friend came to visit me for a couple days. When she came to visit she brought me a Wen starter kit. Included the conditioning cleanser, conditioning mask, and styling Creme. I was super excited cause I am sure like many of you I would be up late, unable to sleep and watch the infomercial always wanting to order it. I read up on the product and after reading many reviews had heard about a product carried at Sally Beauty called Hair One. I have had the Brazilian Keratin treatment done several times and with this you can only use sulfate free shampoo and products so I tried the hair one since it is, like Wen sulfate free I was skeptical cause I have. Rey course hair and always have used a shampoo and conditioner. Two in ones don't work well with my hair.

I already only wash my hair once a week if that, I know may sound gross but this is much healthier for your hair and if you are lucky like me, unless I am working out daily I do not get oily greasy hair. My hair actually looks its best after a couple days of no washing. I also try to never use shampoo that dries out or strips the hair which is what most shampoos do. A lot of people don't like sulfate free shampoo cause it does not suds up like regular shampoo. I hear a lot of people say it doesn't feel like it is cleaning it cause they associate suds with cleaning. Not the case, the bubbles don't clean your hair lol.

Anyhow on to my review, the hair one product worked well, I used the olive oil mainly. A couple times I got the tea tree oil one which is good for dandruff or any irritation you may get also keeps the scalp very clean. My main complaint was I needed something additional to condition my hair. I started doing masks every other week or deep conditioning treatments which worked well but after awhile and when my bkt washed out I would return to trying other products. (I love bed head products).

I used the Wen the first night after she gave it to me. Started with the conditioning mask, then the conditioning cleanser cause that is what the directions told me to do first time. After the shower I used a dime size drop of the conditioning cleanser for a leave in conditioner then let air dry. I did not use any other products or the styling cream. My hair dried amazing. Usually I blow dry my very course, thick, curly, frizzy, damaged hair but I have been laying off the bleach, flat iron and blow dryer as much as possible tryin to get my hair healthy again. I was amazed my hair was so soft, no frizz or puffiness like usual and best of all my curls looked the best they have in years. After coloring and damaging from straightening my hair usually looks like a bad perm or wave not nice curls like I had as a kid. Wen changed that. The rest of my vacation I left my hair natural and one day used the styling cream which helped make it look more defined and shiny.

My kids, mom and husband all noticed right away the difference in my hair. Wish I had some before and after photos but honestly it works. I also used it in my toddlers hair, which knots like crazy cause she has ringlet curls and texture like my hair. It worked amazing. I doubt I would continue to use in her hair cause it takes a lot of product each shampoo and I wash her hair every two to three days depending on her activities etc.

Since I returned from vacation I have the wen worked into my schedule. I was my hair every 4-8 days using the condition cleanser first. Usually use 8-10 pumps and massage into hair for 2-3 minutes then splash some water into the hair and scrub the scalp, ends etc for awhile longer. Then I comb it thru and clip it up while I wash up. Then I rinse thoroughly with cool water. Making sure there is no product left. I then follow with the conditioning mask or a deep condition treatment I use (will write about that in later post) massaging the mask into hair then combing through. I usually then will shave or will wrap in warm towel and rinse later. I leave in mask or deep conditioner sometimes 15-20 minutes and some times I leave in for 30-45 minutes rinsing in sink later. After I will use a small dime size amount of the cleanser as a leave in conditioner then let air dry or style using the styling cream. When blow drying straight I use the product for leave in conditioner then my bed head after party or straightening balm. So far I give this a major two thumbs up. My hair smells good, feels healthy and is much more manageable. Has really helped my hair a lot.

I use a lot of hot tools, products, color, bleach and bad things in my hair. I change my color often, experiment at home with different color and dying trends then to top it off bleach, and flatiron often. So my hair needs lots of tlc and I have to say this product works amazing:).

Will write another post soon to reveal some other amazing products I use like conditioning masks and treatments, toners, purple shampoo/conditioner for keeping blonde white and no brass, hair perfume for fresh scent, dry shampoo and baby powder for absorbing oil between shampoos erc. Trust me it is not easy to get use to not washing your hair daily but I have to tell you it is amazing how it changes your hair especially when you have my type of hair. I don't recommend this for teens or for girls who have the thinner hair cause your hair tends to get greasy after a few hours imagine after a few days. Even with this type of hair though if you use some of the products I have discovered even some who normally have to wash daily can go two to three days with some good products and tips:).

Make sure to check out the wen products and I will be posting some photos of my hair along with some more photos of the product.

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