Saturday, August 25, 2012

Michael Kors at TJ Maxx

This week I was killing time browsing my favorite stores TJ Maxx when I came across a huge new stock of Michael Kors bags and purses. I was shocked to see the same bag I own the Astor bag but in metallic silver for $199.99 I got the black one last year for $350 at the outlet. Amazing. If I didn't have three silver bags already I would have snagged this for sure as a early birthday present.

They had several other gorgeous bags they all seemed to be priced the same whether small or large. Also saw some wallets but did not take photos of them. Check them out and check out your local store cause sometimes if these don't sell right away they get marked down even more, that is how I have gotten a few of my juicy bags for 49.99!

Happy shopping:)


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