Saturday, August 25, 2012

Home fragrance favorite

I promised a few blogs back when I was writing about perfumes and fragrances I liked that I had a secret for making my home smell so good:). I promised to share. I was walking through aventura mall here one day after a doctors appointment just browsing, cause that mall is so high end I don't buy stuff often. I was passing by a couple stores and the most amazing, sensual smell ever caught my attention. I looked around and only saw clothing stores but spotted on the next level a Body Shop. I love that store but here they don't have them in every mall. I went down to see if that is where the smell was coming from. Sure enough as I got closer it smelled even more amazing and so delicious.

I usually love the vanilla scents and tropical fruit smells for my home. I love fall time cause that is when my favorite of the plug in Warner's febreeze has the best fall scents that take me to places when I was a child living up north.

Back to Body Shop, lol. I walked in and asked the first sales lady I saw what is that amazing smell. She led me to the stand at front of the store with a black soap stone oil burner with a small tea light in it. I was amazed I have these at home but none of my fragrances smelt that rich and that amazing. I have Yankee candle, and many other brand oils this one is the best by far. She explained to me that the scent was satsuma. Write that down remember it! It is heaven:)! Every single person who comes to my home asks me what is that scent, especially if I am burning my oils at the time.

Quick not now I have tried the lotion, shower gel and hand soap, I must warn you none compare the oil. Not even close, closest is the body butter that I swear by for my legs keeps them so soft and the smell is amazing.

I of course bought one of their soap stone burners and I got two bottles of satsuma, then the sales lady told me you only needed three to five drops at a time and that you can mix scents. I also grabbed exotic and strawberry that day. Wow every one of their oils is amazing. So amazing that even my mother inlaw who does not care for me or anything I like ran out and got the same ones.

Since then I found some amazing and comparable soap stone burners for under $3.00 @ Walmart that I actually prefer cause the distance between the oil dish and candle is less so the dish warms faster and longer releasing more scent. You do not need to exceed 3-5 drops cause of you do it won't smell as good or release that deep rich sensual aroma.

I also have joined their frequent shopper club so I get freebies, discounts and more when shopping plus I get email alerts whenever my favorite items go on sale. I also try the new scents they release for holidays and every season. Satsuma, strawberry and exotic I alway have on hand I also love mandarin & tangelo then the vanilla & tonka bean. I wish they had room spray and diffuser oils or candles in the satsuma smell but have never seen them.

I have found the best deal on tea light is at Ikea I get 100 for a few dollars of the unscented. They usually last a few hours if you are looking for a longer lasting I use to sell party lite candles and their tea lights burn forever and when you snuff them out instead d blowing the was dries up and you can keep using them.

There is my scent secret for my home. It's funny cause I use plug ins, potpourri, candles, sprays etc so my house has lots of aroma and yummy smells but every single time I burn that oil it never fails people ask me wow what is that amazing smell!

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