Saturday, August 25, 2012

Julep maven nail polish club for a penny!

I recently joined the julep nail club. Every month they send you products to use and sample. I joined cause this month I saw a deal for a penny. It is normally 19.99 a month and when I was reading a fellow bloggers entry they shared a code so you can join for a penny. I have a link on my blog you can click that will take you to the site and then use code color2012 and I saw penny works too.

I ordered it early in the week I believe it was Monday August 20 in the evening. I received my box yesterday Friday August 25 so it was a very fast shipping time which I was really happy with. When my box arrived I was so excited to see the box I still, even at almost 35 love mail:). It is like my birthday or Christmas.

I opened the box and was surprised how nice they packaged it with the tissue paper and welcome card. I got the it girl after the survey you take so I received three nail polishes which I love all three colors. Also a recyclable reusable julep bag came with the nail polish. I have not used these yet so I will put up a future post reviewing the products but this is more to review the program and share the deal they have going on:)!

I am posting photos below of the box and contents. I give this two thumbs up for a penny! I plan to continue for another month at least to see how I feel when I have to pay 20 a month. I am a big fan of Birchbox but that is 10 a month. Which I will also put up a link you can use to sign up for that as well.

Please share with me your thought and if you sign up. Also I would appreciate anyone who uses my link so I can get. Credit for referring others:)! Hurry now cause I don't know how long this code is good for and would love for everyone to get the same deal for a penny:)



  1. i used your code to sign up !:)

  2. Thank you so much for using my code, I haven't seen them give me credit for anyone and I know a few people have signed up using my code going to have to contact them cause I should qualify for a free box or two by now, I think every two new customers you get a free box. But I think they have to stay.