Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tiffany's inspired weekend mani:)

My Tiffany inspired Mani on this hurricane/tropical storm Isaac weekend. I got both these colors earlier this week on sale for $1.50 at Sally's then an additional 50% off red tags so that was .75 cents. I also got a white finger paints polish with long skinny brush which is what I attempted a bow on pointer finger, not so hot lol but hey I tried. That was .49 cents at Sally's. Great sales and deals. This Tiffany inspired polish by China glaze has been a long time favorite I love blue polish colors which if I have posted my collection of polishes pu would see blue is a top for me:). It is called For Audrey and I absolutely love it. I got a lot of polishes this week so I will post some more trials and mani's this week. Let me know of any sales or deals you locate. Also I have been updating my blog from my phone so sorry for any typos or shortness of entries. My kids seem to hog my laptop and my iPad so I never get to use it or it's always dead:(!



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