Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tropical storm boredom nail samples

Here in south Florida it is storming. Great timing cause my birthday is tomorrow and would have loved to do something this weekend but have decided that birthdays are not what they use to be:(.

I wanted to try out a couple new polishes I got this week but painted my nails Friday so didn't want to remove them yet so decided to use some fake stick on nails my daughter had a try some out.

I tried the china glaze stone cold matte with silver flecks and I love this polish decided to do a animal print stamp in a glossy semi shimmer black but didn't want to stick.

Then I tried another matte polish I have by Cynthia Rowley that I got at TJ Maxx for 2.00 the color is not listed on the bottle anywhere. Love the color then I applied some blue glitter polish by pure ice that belongs to my daughter for another photo or look.

Next up was my china glaze deals from Sally's this week for .75. Started with two costs of Ride the Waves then applied a thick coat of the Luxe and Lush which is a jelly with large iridescent flakes and smaller flakes in same color, took one photo that way then went ahead and added one more coat of the Ride the Waves to give the jelly sandwich effect. Keep in mind since I was just sampling these didn't use base coat or top coat on any. Ten the fake nail was a light French color when I started.

The julep polishes! I been wanting to see if these were worth the money they charge for these. I mentioned in a earlier post that I got the box for a penny. I figured this was the time to sample these polishes since I am on a tight budget after back to school and with my little one's birthday coming. The colors I sampled is the blue which I love it is a light blue almost turquoise I love blue polish:). The name is Claire and it is my favorite. I think this may be one of my new favorite colors. The polish glided on so nice and was full opacity in one coat almost. I did two just cause the French under it was peakin through. It is shiny with no top coat and the polish is very creamy.

Next up was the purple with shimmer which was the color I thought would be my favorite cause purple is my favorite color then blue. I like the color very shiny and pretty but a lot like another color I have. The quality of the polish is pretty good. Better then china glaze but have had better for less money. The purple color is Morgan. Again I did not use a base or top coat so what you see is just two coats of the polish.

Last julep was the yellow, I am not a big yellow fan. Being blonde red and yellow are suppose to be my colors that look best but I just don't like the color much. This color is pastel and actually very soft and pretty. Great spring color. Being such a pale color expected it to go on and need multiple coats but had good coverage with one coat and two was perfect. Again creamy and shiny great look to it. The color name is Blake. I look forward to using all these on my nails and playing with some stamps, water marbling or other nail art techniques.

Hope you enjoyed my review and please if you have any of these colors or have used them please share with me I love to hear from others:). Also if anyone knows the name of the Cynthia Rowley polish let me know please always like to know the name of the polish.

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