Friday, August 17, 2012

Perfume review, fruity and fresh floral scents

I recently was looking for a new scent to add to my perfume collection. Some of my favorites that I wear are Issey Miyake L'eaud Issey, Hanae Mori Butterfly and I love Bath and Body Vanilla Brown Sugar.

I normally prefer body spray. I have horrible sinus and allergy issues. I tend to get migraines, stuffy nose and watery eyes from a lot of scents. Also I get skin irritation by a lot of products with scent from shower gels to laundry soap. Can be frustrating but I have had this since I can remember and learn ways around it, like applying sprays to hair and clothes, finding products that don't give me a migraine or make my allergies go crazy.

I am a scent maniac. My house is a fine example. I have tons of candles, plug ins, air freshners etc. My all time favorite home scent is a oil that you burn in a soap stone oil burner with a small tea light. I will write about this more in a future post but the smell is amazing:)! Smells like oranges and has a sensual, fruity smell. Everyone who comes into my home asks me why that amazing smell is. Literally EVERYOnE loves it:). I should sell it.

Back to perfume I wanted to try something new and after going to Marshall's and seeing the amazing prices they had on some perfumes I always wanted to try decided to go to Ulta so I could sample the fragrances before committing. Usually this is a long process for me. I smell it on a card first then narrow down four scents. Then I spray those four scents on my body. Yes for that day I smell overwhelming lol but I have to try on skin to see if it irritates then also over the years I haw learned a lot of American made perfumes do not last long. I like a scent that I only to apply once and lasts all day.

I tried many scents. I am open minded. I started with the ones I saw the amazing prices on at Marshall's and did not care for any of them. I fell in love with this product Pink Sugar hair perfume. I love anything you can spray in the hair to make it smell good. Back to perfumes now lol, my favorite was the new Ralph Lauren perfumes that are numbered 1-4. All four scents smell amazing and they have a body spray. The body spray does not last as long and seems more diluted but the perfumes all lasted decent for rl product and three out of four I would wear regularly. Only one I was not fond of. My favorite was #2 the pink bottle cause it had a fruity but clean light floral sweet smell:). Second favorite was True Religion Hippie Chick, this scent lasted awhile and at first opened up with a fruity scent but as I wore it the scent got this soft floral, sweet smell that I really enjoyed. Last of all was the summer scent that Juicy came out with Viva La Juicy La Fleur this one is stronger like most Juicy scents are. I love JC but their perfumes tend to e a little harsh and strong for me. A couple of them are kind of old lady smelling to me and remind me of my grandma. This shocks me cause juicy is targeted more towards the younger ladies. I do like the original viva la juicy and the peace love and juicy. Both are bearable and I like how they smell after awhile of being on the body but at first spray migraine central and eyes water up. Was sad bought a large bottle of juicy couture perfume at Marshall's for 34.99 retailed for 85 at high end stores had to return it cause I rashed out on wrists and had a headache within several minutes. Had to shower to remove it. The Viva La Juicy flower scent is a lot like the original just lighter and more floral:). I could wear this if applied to clothes and hair.

I think it is funny how my two favorite scents are from Paris and not made in us but I love smells and scents so I am open to anything trust me if I find something I love I will apply I clothes hair etc if it irritates my skin. If it smells good I will wear it:).

Just for reference I like fruity, apple, pear, orange, strawberry, berry scents vanilla of course, lemon, caramel, floral scents and anything sweet, light and delicious smelling:) hope this helps.

Let me know your suggestions I always love to hear what others like and what you recommend for the taste I has in scents. Also keep an eye out going to write a post about home fragrance you don't want to miss. I use to sell party lite candles and like I mentioned earlier on I am a fragrance addict I have a lt of tips and products to die for of you love home fragrance like me. Also some inexpensive tips to achieve these methods and scents without breaking the bank:). Have a great evening.

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