Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Elle nail polish

I recently got four free samples of the Elle brand nail polish and loved the colors.  I was super excited to try them out because my daughter and I paint each other's nails every week, we are always trying all these cool ideas we get off pinterest.  I tried the first of two colors last night and was very disappointed. I usually use OPI, Sally Hansen or China Glaze brands, those are my favorite cause they go one great and last forever on my natural nails.  I have a hard time keeping my nails because I bake, clean and do a lot of crafts etc.  The first color I tried was the pink they sent me, I will update this post later with photos and the names of the colors. The pink went on very thick even after shaking the bottle for awhile.  The brush is kind of rough then when it dried it looked like it was globed on the nails.  I decided to give the one of the other colors a try on my nails, cause I did the pink on my toes.  I went with the light blue and it went on a lot smoother, didn't seen as thick.  When I was done with the two coats it looked very nice, had a little bit of a shimmer to it and the color was very nice.  I let it dry and didn't put the top coat on because it was so late I was ready for bed and couldn't wait for another coat to dry.  When I woke up it was bubbly and then after cleaning a little today it was all chipped off and looked awful.

I still have two other colors I plan to try so I will try to remove these colors later this week and then I will update on how they worked out, but as of now I am not the least bit impressed and for the cost I would stick to my regular favorites.

Stay tuned because later this week I have a few more items I want to review before I go on vacation, then I will be writing about my vacation to Tennessee.  I will be posting some back to school deals and coupons also.  Hope everyone is having a great week=).

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