Friday, July 13, 2012

Travalo Travel Perfume holder trial

I got this in the mail today.  It is the Travalo perfume or cologne travel holder.  It retails for $16-$20 depending where you buy it.  It is amazing!  If you travel a lot and the new rules for sizes of items that you can carry on for our shampoo, etc this is a great product.  It is super easy to fill.  You just remove the spray top from your perfume bottle and press the Travalo to it and watch it fill up.  I was impressed at how easy it filled up.  That was the only thing I was concerned about was a mess trying to put my perfume into this bottle.  It is easy to carry and it sprays good.  I highly recommend this product to everyone who travels by plane and uses perfume.  I don't fly a lot but I love to carry a small bottle in my purse of perfume.  I usually buy the small bottles just for that reason.  

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