Thursday, July 12, 2012


  I have been blogging for awhile now, I have a blog for my interior design and party event planning passion.  I started a business on my own and it has been pretty successful.  I am currently taking classes and what ever intern jobs I can get to learn more about both so that I can one day be super successful.  I am very organized and creative.  I love to bake, decorate and shop.  

  I also started a blog on bargain shopping, and some of my favorite hobbies like crafts, refinishing amazing furniture I find at garage sales and craigslist etc.  I decided it was time to start another kind of blog.  I am very into pinterest and love seeing all the amazing things that everyone does.  From making stenciled curtains, taking old pieces of furniture and transforming them into new pieces that are amazing, but most of all I love the make up, nail art, hair color etc tips and ideas.  I also love all the new trends I get to see.  I am not a trendy girl, I am not one for following trends and I have never been a makeup wearing girl.  I am girly and play with makeup then I have two daughters so I am always doing their make up.  I do wear make up if we go to a wedding or to a special event, but I grew up like a tom boy and never had anyone to show me how to apply make up or any one to influence me when it came to girly stuff.

  All the girly stuff I have gotten into is stuff I have learned to like or do on my own over the years.  I have a passion for nail polish and nail art.  I love eye makeup and I have always been one to dye my hair all different colors.  I have had every color hair in the book, and done most of it all myself.  I have bleached it, dyed it black, done the brazilian keratin myself, highlights and lowlights myself.  Anything to save money so I can spend it on purses, jewelry and home decor items.  I refuse to ever buy something for full price and I am not one who only buys designer name brands.  I know I am not a housewife from the oc lol and I know I don't have tons of money.  I am a stay at home mom who dreams of becoming a interior designer/party planner, that would love to have expensive clothes, bags and home decor but since I can't do that yet, I look for ways to make the same expensive looks, with out the expensive price tag. 

  I am not one who blows my husband's entire paycheck trying to make myself happy and fill some void.  I actually look for ways to make money on the side without having to leave my kids and go to work daily while they are being raised by a daycare assistant.  I want to raise my girls.  I know how to hustle and make money, from making earrings, bracelets, selling diet pills, selling stuff on craigslist, making cakes and baked goods that I sell, refinishing furniture and reselling it.  Either way most of the stuff I buy I use money I make selling my own stuff.  I love to read reviews on products, look for ways to get the less expensive version of a new trend or possibly make it myself.

  This passed weekend I went to ULTA for the first time and actually bought a $8 bottle of magnetic nail polish.  I usually buy my nail polish online, on clearance or a no name brand.  I loved the way the magnetic polish worked though and thought maybe I need to make a blog and review products.  Review trends and show others how to save money.  I am always doing nail art on my kids, making jewelry, shirts, shorts etc that look just like the expensive trends.  I want to make that possible for others too.  I have people ask me all the time where I got stuff, or found an outfit, necklace etc.  A lot of the times people gasp when I tell them where I found it on sale for very little money or even better yet, my favorite cause I get that proud feeling, when I can say "I made it".  Love that one=).  

  I have a gorgeous home that I have decorated myself and it is always a work in progress.  I constantly am changing my style of clothes, design, taste, I re paint my nails and toes probably 3-4 times a week, my daughter is even worse she does that every other day or every day lol.  We always are trying new products and new techniques.

  I recently have been making the new macrame bracelets that everyone is wearing.  I saw a layered set worn by a celebrity with the sideways cross and the hamsa hand.  The set was over $260 for a charm and some string.  Don't even ask how much the real gold and silver ones were.  I made the same ones for under $3 each and sell them for $6-10 depending on the cost to make.  I also was up watching tv one night and saw these amazing earrings worn by basketball wives I am one to google and surf the web so I went online to see how much a pair of these would cost me, I almost died when I did find them and a designer pair were $95-200 and knock offs were a little less but still more then a stay at home mom can afford, who spends her days coupon clipping and bargain hunting for the same items I see on tv or in magazines but can't afford.  I made my own and ended up selling some for way less.  Everyone would stop me when I wore the ones I made asking where did you get those.

  So welcome to my new blog.  I am going to review products, post trends, show you cheap ways to get the same look, and so much more.  I hope you enjoy and please check out my other blogs too.  One is my business blog for baking and decorating. and then my hobby page which I also post trends and money saving tips on  Please help me get some followers and I will do the same for you=).  Thank you, and hope to make this blog successful

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