Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest review..

I have been dealing hunting the passed two weeks and wow between my Sally's clearance hit, bogo Zoya at local beauty supply, amazing steals on EBay, great finds at TJ Maxx and so much more I have acquired a lot of new colors:).

I also placed a order for some indie and out of country brands I have read a lot about in other blogs. I wanted to score a Lynnderella polish but these are hard to find and on eBay they are ridiculous priced. I wonder do they have real liquid gold or what. I actually found the makers blog and have heard she is not a fan of being called an indie maker, also that she grew up without a lot of money which makes me wonder why on earth she would ever sell her polishes for upwards of 50-60 a bottle. I have tried a lot of brands and by no way am a professional or know what is the best and what is worst but wow one day I want to try this stuff. I would think not coming from money she would want to make her nail polish a little more affordable. Personal opinion though and don't want to make anyone mad.

Back to my scores this week, one was this OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest. With fall here pretty much I am stocking up on festive colors for the upcoming season as well as for Christmas and winter. That means you will see a lot of rust, gold, brown, earth tones, fall colors, Halloween colors, purple, orange then of course reds, greens and even blues for winter:).

I saw this polish and had to have it! Was at ulta to buy a hologram polish but way to expensive for this girls budget I refuse to pay full price on a lot of items there has to be a sale, discount or coupon involved. Luckily I had a coupon for $3.50 off 10 purchase. I grabbed this polish for 8.50 then got a ulta brand polish for my daughter which was on sale for $2.00. So I paid 5.50 for this opi in the end:$! Excited.

As soon as I got home a swatches this color along with some others I got via nail mail, an eBay purchase and another opi designer series I snagged at tjmaxx, actually got two then went back into ulta to grab another DS OPI called Glo which the lady rang up for 8.50 was 10.50 I thought plus got another sale polish to save another 3.50. Love my coupons.

I applied London Butter nail foundation as my base cause I have a sample bottle I got, then two thin coats of the Oktoberfest. This has amazing coverage. I have very thin fingers and nails so the opi brush is a little large for me I tend to have to clean up a lot after but I love the texture and coverage of this polish. Then I applied a top coat of my Essie Luxe Effects I got over the weekend when I got my Essie matte about you top coat. I love the look. Has that total fall look and let me tell you photos do this NO justice. It is gorgeous.

I also swatched some Zoya colors I scooped for holidays on eBay and some The Hits polishes I got with the zoya. I will post photos and more later about those. Also will be using the designer OPI polishes too.

I have all my nail products out cause I have been buying a lot of shades that are the same plus have gotten a few I just don't care for. Planning to have a giveaway coming up to help generate more followers and attention for my blogs so thinking of giving away ones I have doubles or close to the same of along with ones I swatched and just don't like the color on me.

Also I got a great project for this week, I am going to make a nail polish stand for displaying all my colors so that way I see them all and know what I don't need and what I could use:). Got several great ideas from pinterest so made a trip to dollar store for some foam board, nails and have some cute ribbon or duct tape to decorate with. Will have step by step photos and tutorial to post soon.

My mom was injured Friday in Disney while we were on our trip to celebrate my daughters birthday so I have a lot going on but promise when all is settled I will post away:). Enjoy my swatch and would love any feed back.

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  1. I love this color, entered your contest and hope I win it. Great color for fall. I have never seen the essie sparkle or glitter you used, where did you get that? I will have to find it.