Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Join/Share my blog contest!

I have decided to help get more followers and readers for my blogs I am going to have a contest.  I have done this on my business facebook page and it has been extremely popular.  I will announce in the next few days what the prizes will be.  I will also link my facebook page to this account so I can make it easier for my fb fans to find the blog.  

I will be giving away jewelry I make, cupcakes, nail polish and more.  I will post photos of the prizes and then the rules.  You must be a follower of either the dlitefulsweets blog or the dlitefultrends blog to win.  Also you must share the link on your facebook, blog or instagram accounts.  More details to come just want to make sure I have good prizes and the rules all laid out=).  

Thank you again for everyone who reads and already follows my blog or business fb page.  I appreciate the support and please if you have a blog of your own please let me know I will follow anyone and everyone who follows me.  I am into supporting small business owners and other bloggers.  

More to come...


Threw in some photos of some hot shoes I saw this weekend and then some fun with nails I did. Played with my matte on nails and ended up doing my toes a black matte french. Then got a bottle of reckon color show for my daughter, never used that brand so sampled it out and after and day was bored so used some china glaze gold polish I had for the tips. Looked good but removed it today lol to swatch and sample new polishes. Sad thing I just did my nails and have several more polishes due via mail this week and next. Going to break from polish shopping unless I see a good deal cause I have so many. Going to be Christmas shopping, making my nail rack, painting front door, baking, finishing projects around the house and planning a trip to my dream future home:). Enjoy the pics

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