Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dior Purple Revolution

This week I got a bunch of nail polish in the mail or some goodies from a friend that owns a salon up north. One of the polishes was a Dior amazing polish called Purple Revolution. I love black and for many years I was in a vamp phase where all I wore was black dark vamp red or colors that were so dark and gothic. It is funny cause after that phase I went into a natural phase of french and American manicures on my toes and lighter colors if I did polish my nails. At the time I had a new baby and no time to paint them or they would get ruined.

I tried this color along with many other which I believe I posted the other day when I got the polishes and did a nail haul post to show off my new pride I added to my collection. I am on a no buy for a month till new winter colors come out. I am saving for Christmas and vacation plus making crafts. I also bought all the supplies to make a nail polish rack/shelf to display them all on and swore till it is done no more nail polish. I still have two orders due by mail but once they come other then my julep box and nail buddy colors I won't be getting anything new. Honestly after the huge fall stock up I have so many new colors I should have plenty to keep me busy till November lol.

Here are my pics of Dior Purple Revolution and honestly photos do this color no justice. It looks black in pictures but is honestly a nice rich dark shade of purple. One of my new top ten of favorite colors. Enjoy:)



  1. LOOOOOVE this color!!! I need to find a friend to send me a box full of nail polish in the mail!! :)

  2. Lol, thank you. It doesn't happen often and there were only 3 polishes not that I am complaining more makeup and lotions. I don't wear a lot of make up so keep an eye out I will probably have them in a future contest. Ty and I love this color too=)