Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mid week Mani and Pedi

Here are some quick photos of my mid week polish change manicure and pedicure. Broke a nail so filed them down and am sad to see them stubs but like then shorter when I have to bake. Easier to work with fondant when nails are shorter.

On my toes I did Zoya Raven two coats with one coat of my Essie Matte about you. Then I did a French tip using one coat of the Raven a topped tip with out the door, my new go to fast dry top coat. I have used seche, Sally Hansen and poshe. My #1 was always a toss up between Sally Hansen and Posche. Usually Sally Hansen cause it is the less expensive but a friend recommended this Out The Door so I checked it out and for the price it is worth it. Seche dries quick but to thick i get scratches and a lot of shrinkage when I use it. This out the door dries fast, has shine and so far I have used it a couple times and been very happy. My Disney manicure lasted till I removed it which was like four days but would have lasted longer.

Now quickly on to hands, I used the OPI Oktoberfest new fall color, one coat amazing coverage! Then topped one nail accidentally middle finger, I usually do pointer or ring finger but swatched the colors earlier and did sample on my middle didn't want to remove it so just did same on opposite hand, with Essie Luxe Effects. I am obsessed with this Essie lol. It's called Shine of the times and it looks iridescent but changes color to almost blend perfect with every polish I use it on.

Check out my photos and leave me some feedback or comments please:).

Only two more days till weekend. In a week I celebrate 14 years of marriage. Amazing how time flies. Will have to do a special polish for the occasion, we were going to the keys to a island with all inclusive resort but due to my mom's accident have had to postpone till she is better. I am good with that I have a hard time leaving my girls for a couple days I have attachment issues lol. Happy shopping and hunting

Meli xoxo

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