Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kmart outlet Ooh La La Bathroom Set

I have my daughters/guest bathroom decorated in hot pink with black and some zebra print (I love animal print it is a neutral for me) with a fashion theme. Right now we have a zebra shower curtain and all the accessories have purses, makeup, perfume bottles, high heels and dresses on them. I am not one to buy a full matching set I prefer to mix and match different collections then add my own little touches as i go. For months I have been looking for new set and stuff. I want to incorporate Paris into the fashion theme.

I went to the Kmart by my house which is ghost town can't even believe it is still open. I found out it is now an outlet. All the regular kmart and sears send the discontinued items to this store, they are already marked down but then they take more off at this store. I stumbled upon this cute perfume bottle soap dispenser then happen to find the cup, shower curtain a cute rug, then some miscellaneous towels from the collection. I didn't get the large bath towels, which I regret now cause i planned to find some Paris or solid towels to mix with. I now regret this cause I went back to grab them and they were gone:(. I did get a four pack of washcloths, two finger tip towels and one hand towel.

I found the pink toilet contour rug, hand towels and gray with rhinestone bath towels at Anna's linens on sale. I also picked up a cute storage box at Marshall's and am looking for little Eiffel tower silver statue and some cute Paris themed soaps from bath and body works collection. Once I paint and get everything set up I will post photos cause decorating is my passion and business:).

I'm also finishing my front door and porch, Halloween decor and my master bedroom and closet. Below are some photos of items I found and when I get on my laptop I will caption photos with prizes etc.


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