Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fashion deals, maxi dresses.

I have two amazing deals for this week that I found and want to share. I love long maxi dresses. Lately I have gotten into the tie dye pattern also. I ran into Marshall's to grab my youngest some socks for her bob's, the kind that you can't see when you have the shoe on. They didn't have any in her size I actually found some at Payless next to Marshall's but I was walking by the back aisle where the clearance rack is and saw a long dress the looked interesting under all the shorter dresses. I pulled it out and it was a Gypsy 05 maxi! I have wanted one of these and a sky maxi forever but they are way to expensive for me. I am one who refuses to pay retail price for anything but I love designer brands. The quality is just amazing compared to regular cheaper brands.

I didn't have time to try it on and it was a large. I usually wear a medium but with my larger twins I can sometimes do a large as long as it doesn't make me look big or pregnant. I figured buy it now and try it on later at home so that is what I did. It normally retails for around 150-220 but was 49.99 then 39.99 when I got to the register it rang up 16.00??? I was shocked but didn't complain lol.

Next up I got this long blue and white tie dye tank maxi from victoria secret clearance sale online. My mom actually bought it for me as a late birthday gift it was on sale for $29.99 from I believe 79.99. I fits amazing. I have a medium and it is perfect. Super comfy and hugs all the right places.

The Gypsy 05 dress is 100% silk and has a tie dye kind of look to it. Also has a ruffle on top. It is strapless and has a fitted elastic right under the breast area then flows down. I haven't worn it yet but can't wait to get to:) this week I will for sure, it's been raining here all week so been sweats or jeans kind of weather.

That same day @ Marshall's I got my daughter a pair of tomahawks which are popular in middle school and high school age girls. They are moccasins and I remember when these were in style when I was a kid. I almost got a pink pair for my youngest cause they were only $12 the ones I got my daughter were Marshall's already lower price of $39.99 but on clearance for $15. What a deal.

I have been working on updating my kids bathroom which is a fashion diva themed bathroom with purses, shows, makeup. Perfume etc. I want a Paris fashion theme now and instead of hot pink and black I'm working in silver and a more medium pink shade. I found the shower curtain and accessories at the Kmart outlet by my house which I will have in a future post. Anyways I grabbed this Paris box for $2.99 for them to store their hair bands and clips in:). Cute isn't it. Fits the theme ad color scheme perfect.

Check out the photos of the deals below and I will get together a post for the amazing super clearance bathroom stuff I grabbed at Kmart. Please share with me your fashion finds, Marshall's/TJ Maxx deals these are two of my favorite stores even find amazing cheap priced OPI, Nicole by OPI, Deborah Lippmann and Essie there! I always love to see or hear about what everyone else is finding out there or trending:).


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