Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY Pumpkin Topiary from Pinterest

I love Pinterest I could spend all my evenings after the kids go to sleep looking at ideas and recipes etc. It is such an awesome site. I love making crafts, especially during the holidays. I found this cute stackable pumpkin topiary on pinterest. I had a black pumpkin, wooden letters in white, needed a couple still, hot glue gun, ribbon, clear silver glitter spray paint, so all I needed was two orange pumpkins, a black b and o, then the orange glitter Krylon spray paint. I am on my laptop so don't have links and the photos of while I was making it, just have the photos of it as it sits now. I have not added the ribbon, then want to put some sparkly spiders on it. I had to share it though. You will see many more photos and blogs like this in the next couple days. I did a butterfly nail art on my nails, then made some wreaths for Halloween and Fall. I think I may sell a couple of them since I only need one. Have some other cute crafts I have done from panty hose on pumpkins, blinged out pumpkins, kitchen towels, chair covers with witch and scarecrow, so much more lol. As you can see I ramble on a lot. I always wanted to be a writer but was much better at writing fiction or fantasy style then reporting. I never know when to end a sentence or when to stop going on and on about details lol. To make this craft I will give you a list off the top of my head since I don't have the link, it is in my phone. It is on my pinterest page which you can find my follow me on pinterest button on my right side bar. If you make one please post a photo or email it to me. I love to see everyone's version of it. 3 foam carvable pumpkins (Michael's and Joann's carry these) Knife Glue Gun Glue Sticks Wooden Letters Depending on letters you get orange and/or black paint Krylon Orange Blast glitter spray paint Krylon clear silver glitter spray paint Ribbon if you want to add ribbon and any other touches. I have also seen people make these with the numbers of their house, center pumpkin with last name initial others with just carving or design, then I have some amazing ones I found that look like witches, scary pumpkin men etc on pinterest and the Michael's website has great ideas. Also Martha Stewart has some amazing ideas and if you go to Joann's you can find some of these things all ready made just put together or do a couple steps then wha-la. Check out the couple photos I have below and I will go on my phone later to post more photos of it in the process, also some when I get the time to finish lol. Love Fall, wish I lived somewhere that I knew the leaves were going to change and you could smell the change in the air, but nope here in south florida just hot, rainy in the afternoons and no scenery, unless you go to the beach. Lol. Happy Blogging, Meli

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