Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nail haul, more nail mail and freebies

Yay! I have been receiving a lot of the orders I placed for polish of eBay, copious, amazon and some other sites. Then I have started nail buddies, similar to pen pals but nail pals. Find someone else who lives in another state, make wish list and either trade or have a deal of either a price or polish amount to send each month. If anyone is interested in being nail pals comment or message me we can set up something. If you are like me I love mail I will even do samples of hair and makeup products, items I make we can make it fun. Im open. As of now I have one nail buddy.

I also have a friend I grew up with who owns a salon/spa in New York and her sister works for sephora. They told me they were going to a trade show and some fashion events that I could make a wish list or just let then know what I wanted then they would send me some products. I had no idea what I was going to get. Thought maybe a couple things I came home to two boxes. I got a bunch of Zoya, OPI, Orly, Posche top coats, removers, files, perfume samples, bb blow dry cream samples, new shadow brushes, (I love cosmetic brushes), lip glossess, blotting pads, tweezers, nailart brushes omg. I can't even tell you.

Some of my favorite products are Murad facial cleanser and toner the full line of facial care products. I got cleanser, toner, acne spot treatment. Moisturizer and SPF moisturizer. I have some recent purchased ones but my preteen daughter has started breaking out she asked for pro active but it dries out skin, she is just hormonal doesn't need something so harsh so my lucky little girl got cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment. Also I gave her a double ended black and brown eye liner pen cause she loves eyeliner. I don't use eye pencils I use a brush and shadow for my eyeliner. My little one for a cool sephora stackable lip gloss this is actually super cool and would make great gifts for young girls my 12 year old was mad. She got way more but I give the baby lipgloss and a couple perfume samples and she was mad lol. I have to make sure they both get something and my little one loves fragrances and lipgloss.

Below posting some photos of what I have gotten since my last post then a few swatches of polishes and my recent manicure I did tonight, which is now on my top ten of favorite polishes. It's Dior Purple Revolution, it is so dark looks black in pictures but it's a deep gorgeous purple.

Hoping to build my polish rack this week. I need to get my polishes organized where I can color organize them so I can see what I need and don't need. I am planning a blog sale or posting some on my online store soon.

Enjoy my photos. I have to try to finish my wreaths and fall/Halloween crafts tomorrow, then have some jewelry orders to fill. Working two events one is a birthday party and the other is a promotional event for halloween. I have a lot on my plate and I am dying to write a guest blog entry for a instagram pal so I can get more exposure.

Please if you follow my blog help me out share my link on your Facebook or you can post a link for one of my contests:) I would be so grateful.

Here are my photos and next up blogging about hair care products then a self home tanner review and the best or favorite picks of mine.

I am blogging from my phone so I can't post comments under photos so I will try to get on laptop that way Incan post names of nail polish and other products. That way you know what is what if you see something you like.

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