Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Glitter shimmer tattoos

My five year old saw this on tv was a birthday wish list item.

9.99 @ Walmart. Apply a stencil to skin. Brush on a glue looks like nail polish, allow to dry till looks clear, then brush on glitter. So far lasted three days of showering. Both girls love it. Best deal is to buy from website you get bonus stencils and extra glitter but have to pay shipping. I have seen a similar kit at craft store.

I think I could use my stencils I have for cakes and crafts, glue with a paint brush and then regular glitter. Big hit in my house wanted to share with everyone:) we give it two thumbs up. Affordable, easy and lasts awhile:) I like better then temporary sticker style tattoos much more girly👍👍😉


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