Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some of my new colors this week

I started getting a lot of my nail mail that I ordered using gift cards or cash for my birthday. I have to make the polish rack I purchased the supplies for cause I am over flowing here lol. Honestly I have gotten out of hand.

Next week after I finish my Halloween crafts and decor I plan to make an inventory go through polishes I no longer use to sell so I can invest in new polishes for my collection and possible future prizes for contests:)

I have to write a guest blog for a blogger I met on instagram. I will let you know the blog site address as soon as I finish my blog write up an edit it then email it to her for review once she approves it I will post a link for sure. Super excited for the chance to do this.

So onto my newest polishes. It has been a butter London week. Got two lots off eBay, then four from the bogo sale at ulta and then a new site I posted a link for in my favorite links/sites had a deal for $11 for three colors and choice of matte or hardware top coat. I have the hardware coming in a eBay lot and have Essie matte about you but decided to try their matte to see how it compares to the Essie.

Okay lets start with my two dollar Rees Sally hansen polishes! Every now and then I find these and these are actually a favorite of mine from her collections. For a dollar I like then even more. Lol. I got Emerald Express and Coco a go-go.

Butter London is up next only going to list the ones I have received and when the rest come will list those ones. I got Tart with a heart which is a nice sparkly and shimmering gold with iridescent sparkles too. Very gorgeous color. Next is one I have been wanting for awhile on my wish list, which I need to update this weekend with new wants and cross off recent purchases or finds. Anyhow next is The Black Knight, this color is so me. I am a rock girl and love dark colors. At one point I wore black and vamp blood red only. I was a teen but still love those colors deep down.

Then I got Union Black Jack, Saucy Jack (deep red), Toff, Yummy Mummy, Knackered, which was dropped by hubby off my dresser and bottle cracked:(, Gobsmacked, and The Full Monty. I have seven more colors coming and a base coat then hardware and matte top coats. Every single color i got has been swatched or samples then I will be reviewing all of them eventually this next couple weeks I am a huge Butter London fan now! These were my first. I also got the handbag holiday cuticle oil to get my cuticles healthier. I have an anxiety thing were I tend to bite or peel fingers so now that I am blogging and posting working on getting nails in great shape.

Currently my toes are Butter London Toff with one accent toe of Zoya Dail. Will add a photo with this post at bottom. Again posting from my iPhone cause my kids have killed the Mac book and iPad again. Lol.

My Zoya list is huge. I will start with my amazon deal for $2 the zoya velvet matte Savita. Wanted this forever and got my hands on it now. Then get ready here is my list. Zoya Jem, Daul, Sarah, Mimi, Tao, Feifei, Dove and Noot. I had gotten the weeks before Song, Raven, Nidhi. Ivanka, think that is all the Zoya's and I have a few I want that I will add to my wish list when I update it.

Essie I got luxe effects As Gold as it gets, and Stroke of Brilliance to add to my Shine of the Times. I love these cause there are so many options to use these and ways you can compliment colors you have or do nail art with:).

New Essie colors, please forgive me if I mentioned some in posts during the week just going over the past weeks newbies. I got Sexy divide, Penny Talk. Don't Sweater it (have 2 one is in my give away), Very Structured, Wrapped in Rubies, Stylenomics, and Smooth Sailings. Wow a lot so far.

Ulta had these Halloween wet n wild fantasy maker polishes I got for my sweet teen daughter. She had a glow in the dark polish from Kennedy space center but is almost gone so got her Go with the Glo, then Once Upon a Time which is a jelly and hex glitter Frankenstein style polish. Gorgeous over black, red and thinking of doing purple base too.

Got my Llarowe order, partial and first polish was a sale item by Pretty & Polished Black Swan. Then my new favorites, forever been looking for a decent prices holographic that impressed me and please if you have a favorite please comment and let me know. I have Layla Coral Glam, not impressed kind of flat and not at all what I expect from holo polish. I even bought the polish buffer stick they recommend that did nothing lol. Then being on a right budget which I have gotten insanely out of control as of recent but it was my birthday and anniversary so they were gifts and all on sale or eBay deals! Lol. Anyhow got the Milani 3d holo silver! Milani if you are out there send me some samples like I see others get I love your planes and have a few. But I got these ones from Llarowe and will be getting a larger order next week I hope of other brands but these are by the Hits brand I got silver Hefesto and Teal Hera, can not say enough about how amazing these are. Go on smooth no brush dragging. Thin coats, amazing coverage. The smell is strong which I am not use to and bottle is small the formula seems to go quick but I LOVE these. More of this brand on its way along with England and Essance I believe is how it is spelled or essence. Can't wait to try them.

Got two samples from my beauty supply by my home they are pens. I bought some Sally Hansen ones for my daughter sleep over party at hard rock hated them color was thin and didn't dry good when I applied top coat it ran. These work great! They are called My Manicure and I have white and black. They have little rings like the Hard Candy nail polish. I used these on my butterfly nail art, easy, one solid coat, does dotting with no tool needed. Can't think of a bad thing to say except now I need more colors lol. Other then the beauty supply I found them at Joann's fabric and craft store near body glitter and henna kits.

Also got some nail art brand polishes with the thin brushes just did small sample have black and red seem thin and would need multiple coats I don't like this cause when I do a design one time is hard but to try to go over it again no way. I'm not that good, yet lol I am practicing. If you are looking for these type of polishes for nail art I recommend brushes and dotting tools with your favorite polishes you own already, then next those manicure pens and then I like finger paints brand sold at Sally's:).

I got my first two Kbshimmer polishes which I was waiting to be released. I personally am not a huge chunky glitter fan but I have been wanting to try indie brands, kleancolors chunky holo's and Lynnderella polishes so I am getting one or two of each to try. I have to Lynnderella on their way and got the chunky black holo Kleancolors, they are super cheap on eBay and have been spotted in dollar stores. I have not sampled them so not sure quality. From kb shimmer I got Jack and No Whine left. Swatches jack love it:).

I already posted my opi DS collection colors i got and some Germany colors I think just in case I have the DS Jewl, DS mystery DS Glow and I know I posted opi Every months Oktoberfest. I have to say i like opi, kind of like Essie and china glaze but not my favorites. They are inconsistent sometimes very watery other times bubble or dry weird. Chip easy even had some peel. With zoya I love them I don't like the couple jellies i got like Frida and Paloma they actually melted or almost peeled down. Was weird. Not giving up though cause I have little time so maybe I didn't let them dry long enough. Don't want to bash a brand I like in my top five. Will experiment and again if you have tips let me know:) I love comments and feedback.

I left out the opi Germany collection deutsch you want me baby. Grabbed this cause really I like and am drawn to all the colors they are my taste but mostly I have been in a fall mood, this is a great fall color.

To start to round up the new editions list, which I mentioned as I received then some may have been written about but kind of doing a week or two round up. Okay onto China Glaze, not my favorite. Some of these polishes are amazing, then at the same time some are watery or need a lot of coats, bubble, then notice they scratch or get dented easy. I decided to use my Sally reward card points and some coupons and grab a couple then got a lot of eBay. I got two glitter almost holographic looking colors, Ray-Diane which is green, gold, pink and yellow toned. I have yet to sample so judging from the bottle color. Next is full spectrum which was .75 think someone must have made a mistake cause at ulta it's new and costs full price. This one has a silver, purple with pink and blue sparkles. This one I tried and is gorgeous alone or on top of colors. Then I got bohemian colors I liked best Deviantly Daring and No Plain Jane. Have a cool idea for a polish art with these I plan to do soon and post. Both gorgeous posted swatches and the Deviantly Darinf is the blue I used on my butterfly polish art.

I think i got them all. This next week expecting Lynnderella, dollish polish,and other indies. If you or someone you know is making your own polish and want someone to sample and do reviews please contact me I would be honored for sure,

I think I have mentioned my new top coat favorite. I use to use Posche, and Sally Hansen quick dry top coats. Have used seche vite this formula is to thick for me and I get scratches, dents and tip shrinkage every use. I know am using Out The Door top coat. Sally Hansen ridge filler nail nourishing base coat and for matte I have the Essie matte about you. Will soon have Butter London so I can compare:).

Thank you for your patience and interest. Adding some random photos of swatches and bottles. I will go online tomorrow so I can edit this post to place the color in photos and on which nail for each photo.

Also as promised tomorrow Tigi hair care review and photos:) wow two am I have to get to bed have been staying up so late for the passed few weeks. Enjoy photos

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