Saturday, September 8, 2012

Insomnia nail art fun

Since my mom's accident I have not been sleeping good at all. Usually I am more of a night owl but wow I can't go to sleep to save my life lately.

I have so many new polishes and colors then still so many on the way via mail that I could not help myself last night. Since I bake I wanted to try free handing a cupcake on one nail, then just wanted to try out some colors I have:). I enjoyed it. I love the zoya song blue color. It is an amazing blue. I own a lot of shades of blue but this one is gorgeous, especially when you add that finishing touch of the too coat. I love it, one of my new favorites.

I wish I had unlimited funds and could buy more of the indie polishes and brands from England and uk but I can't be spending 15-60 a bottle for polish. I refuse to pay 8-10 lol. It has to be something I really want and can't find a sale or dupe for it.

I used so many different colors last night. The blue with white strips is the Zoya Song the white is by finger paints called hip hip hue-ray, my cupcake finger is Essie bachelorette bash, stripes are Milani purple outline, white for cupcake frosting is Sinful Colors snow me white, blue sprinkle is Julep Claire and yellow is Julep Blake, the red cherry on top is fing'rs polish red.

My pointer on left hand is Sinful Colors Mint Apple with nail stamp in Konad stamping polish, white. The thumb is zoya song again with some Konad white and that Fing'rs red stamped for fun not sure if you see much of that one in photos lol.

Quickly the Sinful Colors then another brand Hard Candy are my new go to Walmart or drug store polishes. Affordable and they work very good. To me the quality is better then some of the china glaze polishes I have used. I got my first few Milani products had the nail art polish used on cupcake ot is okay kind of watery but the two polishes I sampled on right hand are okay. I prefer Sally Hansen or sinful colors even hard candy.

Onto my right hand, my thumb is Maybelline color show is Orange Pix then I stamped it using black Konad polish for stamping. Pointer is zoya hand, I used Zoya Ivanka then used Zoya nidhi for the pearls and bows that accent it:). The middle finger is Salley Hansen Grey Area, with Milani teddy brown and opi Deutsch you want me baby from Germany collection which I love love. Used this OPI color on my ring finger with stamp using Milani dark coffee. Then last of all I used the Milani Dark Coffee on my thumb and stamped a simple flower using the opi Germany color. I had some fun and will be doing the cupcakes for sure for an upcoming event. Again this was simply boredom, couldn't sleep and wanted to use some polishes I haven't used much.

Excited I have some indie colors coming, butter London lot I won on eBay, some stamping plates from cheeky, and my Llarowe order too. Then for awhile going to be using these new colors and hoping to win some new colors or get lucky to get some samples to try. Going to be on a right holiday budget.

Enjoy my late night craziness lol


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