Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shopping finds for October

 I found some amazing things at Marshall's, TJ Maxx and on eBay at Last Call from Neiman Marcus:). I got a ton of new workout gear and clothes, way to much to how. I had a lot when I signed up a month ago but have literally lost 18 lbs or more and body is transforming amazing. I had to get smaller bottoms and some slightly smaller tops. Luckily my girls don't shrink much when I lose weight, I am lucky to be gifted in that department, Ty God lol.

I also got some new sweaters and jackets. Posting my favorite and best finds. One is a Juicy hoodie that I paid thirty six dollars for at Neiman Marcus on sale:). Love it has bling and is neutral in a heather gray to go with everything. I also got this amazing Michael Kors cream sweater got 48 on sale at Last Call:). It is baggy and looks great with a tank underneath, perfect for the not so cold south Florida weather.

I also found this young, fabulous an broke tie dye skirt that can also be worn as a dress at Marshall's for 24.99 was 150 or more retail. I love it:). I got some Juicy boots similar to Uggs with animal print fur, I love animal print and they also have Juicy in silver sequins across the back, these were 54 at Marshall's and were 98 to start for the Marshall's price and said compare to 179. I have lots of Ugg's but I love juicy everything so I thought these were perfect to wear with my sweats on cool days when I take my girls to school.

I also got some black patent leather Tory Burch logo sandals on eBay for 50 and some cute coral sandals from Marshall's for 14.99. Trying to think of some of my other finds?! I got some cute scarves at Marshall's and a couple for really cheap off eBay. I got a new Michael Kors bag but that wasn't on sale a little good job pat on the back for an amazing month in October gift for me from my amazing man:).

I am also sharing some photos of my new chandelier that hubby hung for me last week, my hand made wreath, centerpiece and front door decor. Also a cornucopia I made myself. You can see some more items I have made on my blog here or my business blog, link is at the top of my page along with at my Etsy store Dlitefulcr8tions. I have a lot of cute winter stuff coming together now that I will be posting in the week to come.

Enjoy my finds and if you have any comments or questions I always love to hear:). If you have a blog please post your link so I can check it out. Have a great week.

Sorry I post from my iPhone a lot and it shuffles photos all different ways. I always try to log on from my iPad or MacBook when I am home to edit that so bare with me:)


  1. OMG those JUICY boots are freakin awesome :)

  2. Thank you I love them=). Marshall's is amazing. I need your address I think for the contest, I think u had won right? Email it to me I am going to check and see I only sent out two from the last one cause I lost addresses. Been a rough month lol. Hope you are doing good, the email is

  3. Okay I don't know for sure if it was you, I have the names of the people not the blog. Let me know I sent out all but one. My email situation was a mess due to drama so had to delete two emails I use to use and create new ones, only kept one I use for my kids school stuff.