Friday, November 9, 2012

Shopping and new hair colors

I got my hair done today by my lovely hair stylist Deb @ Rock, Paper, Scissors in plantation. I love the shop and all the staff. They carry the hot head extensions in many colors including funky ones. These are amazing they don't have to be fused to your hair they are held in with medical grade tape and you can't even feel them. I been saving to do one set under neath for length cause I already have super thick hair naturally.

She did high and low lights along with a dark brownish red underneath. I love the color and I love my pinkish purple extension. I usually just color it but figured why damage my hair anymore. Trying to grow it out and keep it healthy hence the no more bleaching all over.

If you live local and are looking for amazing stylists, makeup artists, and nail tech they have it all:). Rock paper scissors near the fountain shopping center in plantation.

I also got a couple jackets today which I will post later, some amazing accessories and clothes then a couple new polishes from Essie I didn't have already. Good day:)

Time to nap cause having a girls night out later. Have a good weekend all.


  1. I love that color extension!! looks awesome

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  3. Ty plush pink and Sophie i will be sure to check it out tomorrow when I wake up, been a long weekend catching up with a good old friend. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend xoxo