Thursday, November 1, 2012

Julep velvet matte November box

Today I got my Julep Maven November box. I'm still on the fence with this service and with this product/brand polish. I ordered the penny box back in August after considering for a few months ordering a box to see how it was. Before the penny offer I though it was way to expensive for a couple nail polishes and only had one julep polish which I wasn't totally in love with. To me with polish is very thick and the brush doesn't do it for me. Usually the first coat is either streaky or so thick it takes forever to dry between coats.

My first box came with three polishes and I was happy with the colors. For a penny I was super happy. I decided to give it another go and then received my first full price box which was okay. The colors were nice but was starting to think for twenty bucks maybe I would cancel. I get Birchbox and for ten bucks it is always a nice surprise but I love nail polish so I wish there were more companies that had polishes. Anyways, I forgot to cancel my membership and then my October box came. I was super happy with my October box, they sent me some nice cool Halloween/fall polishes then some crackle top coat, which I don't care for but with the colors they sent it looked cool for Halloween. I also got candy, some glitter pods and have to say I was changing my mind.

Then I got an email about an exclusive trick or treat mystery box that was limited edition and said you would receive surprise polish colors which I assumed would be new colors, then some other nail products and either a skull bracelet or scarf. I didn't have the money really and didn't need any more stuff lo but ordered cause the October box was so impressive. I was beyond disappointed. I got a box that was empty pretty much, bracelet was broken missing a skull, I got a polish I already had from my first penny box, then one glitter pod and directions for nail decals but no decals:(. I was upset. Even more upset when I saw what my girlfriend had in her box and then googled and saw what other bloggers received. I emailed Julep and they gave me the run around telling me everyone got different things I kept explaining that I knew all the boxes were different but that they were consistent meaning they all had same amount of items and had packaging, wrapping none broke items lol. Finally the lady told me they would send me a replacement box but it never came. Now I just want a refund.

I was again planning to get my refund and cancel then today my nov box arrived. Waiting for the refund or replacement for the mystery box mess then will decide but probably going to cancel. November was matte finished polishes and I love the matte look for sure but now with the matte top coat which I have one by Essie, OPI and Butter London now I can make any of my polishes look that way so I don't feel I need a matte color polish.

I do love nail polish though and honestly wish that the mystery box mess never happened cause I had kind of gotten passed the product not being my favorite. Again I don't know if it is just me but the formula seems very thick. This matte would actually almost drag off if you went over it or overlapped where you already painted before fully dry. After first coat a couple nails looked blotchy. Second coat looked much better and then they included a top matte coat. I also got three packets of polish remover wipes which I threw in my purse. I have noticed lately that Zoya polishes have been chipping rather quick and chipped polish kills me so having remover wipes to carry in my bag sound like an excellent idea:).

I have a color similar to the gray shade by china glaze called stone cold which I love then I have the zoya purple velvet matte. The green Julep is pretty and I love the army green shade with a sparkle to it. Remind me of the textured spray paint they sell kind of. It's late so I didn't have time to clean up my cuticles and polish I got around my nails before my post but I will do that when I wake up tomorrow before I hit the gym. Wanted to post the review and colors before I got busy with the hectic weekend.

I applied one coat of Butter London nail foundation to start. Then couldn't pick which color I liked best so I did both colors. Two coats of Julep Matte Suede finish in Nora and Hailee. I wrote before velvet finish but that is zoya lol this one says matte suede. Then I topped with the Julep matte top coat. Check out the pictures and tomorrow I will post some better photos along with some more samples of the Joby nail art decals. Which I love! If you haven't tried them I suggest you check out my post and order some:). I have some photos from my manicure I had the past few days, got tons of compliments on them.

Have a great weekend and would love to hear about your julep experience or thoughts

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