Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To keep or to trade in for new car

I have been contemplating for months what to do, my Lexus is almost paid off.  I have the mid size suv I wanted the smaller RX but hubby convinced me to get the next size up and I love my car.  The only complaint I have is the interior is brown and tan, I swore I would never get a light interior in a car ever again especially having kids.  My car will be paid off the end of the year and has held it's value very well considering we got an amazing price on it when we bought it since gas was sky high and everyone was getting better gas mileage smaller cars.  I wanted the smaller SUV or a cross over at the time, but most of the crossovers are Ford, or other brands we don't care for.  I have had two Honda's, two Toyotas and two Fords, then hubby has had two chevys but he likes trucks.  I would never ever buy another ford.  I had an Expedition which I loved but the value was down so much might as well just thrown the money away.  Then had a mini van, don't ask post pardom after my last daughter lol, didn't even own it a year then got my Lexus.  Since having the Lexus I am spoiled and can't see myself in a non luxury vehicle.  We always buy used cars, atleast 1-3 years old.  Never more then 3 years though.

I want a white, silver or black car but MUST have gray and black interior.  I will never get a tan or lighter color interior again.  Florida gets hot so black is kind of rough but that is what dark tints are for lol.  I am looking into the smaller Lexus RX 350 or 450, I have always wanted an Audi and love their suv's.  I also like the Mercedes suv's both small and large.  I am not a fan of Infiniti and BMW is nice but don't care for the look of the car or the interior.  I have been looking and plan to go to the dealer this weekend to get a value on my car for trade in, resale then test drive a few I have seen that I like a lot.  Again this time there is no rush like in the past I have always needed something that day and had to get whatever color they had in the model I wanted.  I love my suv and the color outside is an awesome dark green almost looks gray from a far.  I love white cars I think they look classy, but a lot of them have tan interior.  One bad thing when buying used you can custom pick the colors you have a few choices if you are lucky for the exterior and interior.

I really am thinking it will be another Lexus either smaller suv or luxury sedan, or I like the Audi smaller suv/crossover looking car and then the Mercedes ones are awesome, the interior is a thick high grade leather where as lexus has a smoother leather that does not age as well.  I have also considered leasing but really that is like throwing away money.  My Lexus was a great investment cause for what we paid for it along with the trade in and money down it has held onto it's value only negative is it is a v8 and horrible on gas which these days is not a big selling feature.  I am interested to see what they will give me along with what I can get in exchange.  Want to lower payments by a decent amount, upgrade to a couple years newer maybe 2010-2011 and would have to have dark interior.  Below are a few photos of ones I liked.  I will have more details after I got to Carmax to look this weekend.

Let me know what you think or if you own or have owned one of these cars let me know what you liked or for sure what you did not like.  I have been looking for weeks.  It is hard to go from an SUV which I have had for almost 5 years and before that had one for 3 years and a mini van for 7 months so I like the room and being higher up, but now that my youngest is almost out of booster seat a car would be cheaper, sportier and better on gas.  We will see, my hubby usually plays a huge role in the car decision even though it is mine cause he has ones he likes too and wants to make sure myself and his little girls are in a safe, nice car.  One that he will also enjoy riding around in too lol.

The Mercedes larger Suv which I love but want smaller

Perfect size and exterior color interior is light gray on seats with black carpet

I have always wanted an Audi since I was 17 and one day I will have one just not sure an SUV maybe a smaller sportier car when the kids are grown lol, but this is great size color and dark interior, price is amazing too, low mileage have to test drive

Another Mercedes, love the white cars look super classy, usually I do black or silver

Inside of the Mercedes is a dream, I would savor every moment of dark interior lol, have had tan for past three cars, with kids it is no good.

I have a friend who has this smaller Cadillac SUV and loves it but not a Cadi girl

Above is what I have now, I think may even be the same dark green exterior and I love it, spoiled me cause I have test driven many cars believe it or not the Lexus drives amazing and no road noise, smooth, feels nice=)

This is the RX and what I wanted when we got the larger GX which has been great with two kids but ready for something a little smaller.

My dream a white RX 350 or 450 with black and gray interior.  I would be in heaven, just to find it used with the colors I want, low mileage and good price.  If it is meant to be it will happen if not I don't think sticking with my current car is bad, It is a amazing car that I am very lucky to have, grateful everyday

Car shopping, not fun, dreaded but always love the ride home in my new ride, feels great=).  If I do decide to wait it out I will wait another year and save some extra cash to go for the gusto and get the car I really want no questions asked lol.

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