Friday, November 16, 2012

Dear Santa aka hubby..

I have started my christmas shopping and have seen what I want already. I just got an amazing Marc Jacobs bag but time for momma to get a new Michael Kors. Last year my birthday I got the Black Astor bag and I have two other bags one brown and one a dark green leather. I also have four wallets. I think I want the Hamilton cause I have the wallet already and I like purses with silver accents not gold. One or two with gold is okay but I wear a lot of silver and white gold cause my wedding ring is platinum.

I have been looking and saw a few I love. I can tell you since like four or five years ago I am not a huge fan of the canvas logo bags. I had a coach ortho like this and actually have a Michael kors tote that I have carried once that is tan and brown. I like leather and I love studs, chains and cool accents on my bags. I love black, brown, white, purple, bright colors, dark green and metallic bags but honestly my two weaknesses are shoes and purses. I also have a weakness for denim and accessories, like glasses, jewelry and watches. Already have a new Michael Kors black watch on my wish list. I had glasses but have gotten three new pairs in the passed two weeks, two Marc Jacobs and a pair of Prada glasses.

I also have perfume, victoria secret goodies, candles and some earrings:). I have champagne taste my poor hubby. One day when I have enough saved up and kids college funds are a little higher going to take money from an event or design job to buy me a high end bag but for now my favorites have been Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and I still like Coach but I haven't seen a bag by Coach in awhile I have to have. Have all the ones I like and they all still look the same to me lol.

Below are the photos of my Astor bag in brown and black that I have already, then the canvas Michael Kors bag which I am considering giving away in a contest since I don't use it much mostly for the beach since canvas bags are great for beach use. Easy to clean. Then my new favorites. Any of which I would love on my arm but think the Hamilton in black and silver will be the one Santa brings. We will see, either way I'm a lucky girl my hubby has great taste and always gets me the most amazing gifts sometimes more then I even asked for. I myself am not one for paying full price I wait till it hits the outlet or goes on sale but Christmas is when I break the rules lol.

Later will be doing a post on my new landscaping design for my back yard and front. Been working super hard planning and finally have some great ideas can't wait to share:).

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