Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The joy of daughters

Being a lucky mom of two amazing girls I am thankful every day for my amazing blessings. Having girls is amazing, besides having little princesses they have taught me so much. It may sound crazy but besides of course unconditional love I learn daily from them lots of things. I also try my best to be the best role model for them. I use to coach cheer leading for a year but was a team mom and also worked as a teacher's aid and substitute for kindergarten thru third grade, I really could tell when meeting the mom's for the first time who was who's mom cause little girls look up to their moms and get a lot from them.

I try to teach my girls that saying mean things, making fun of people that may be different or that they find odd is not good, that you should ALWAYS treat others the way you want people to treat you. That you can never do anything about what people say or think of you not to waste your time worrying cause if people like you and know you they will see thru people who do that and see how shallow they are. Usually bullies, mean girls and drama starters are haters, jealous or very insecure. Since high school I have come across two girls like this. So sad cause I pick my friends carefully usually and think I see thru people very good, just need to always follow my gut.

God has truly blessed me with the two most amazing gifts ever along with my amazing hubby. I wanted to share a post I was sent today cause it touched me along with a couple others I have on hand:). Have a wonderful week and remember with thanksgiving around the corner remember all you have to be thankful for. Material things are nice but just that things. Money is not the key to happiness, family, love and health is:). I am blessed with all. Thank you xoxo


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