Saturday, November 24, 2012

Marc Jacobs gold and brown glasses

I got my second pair of Marc Jacobs I ordered for an amazing low price online and love them wanted to share them with you cause for $40 with shipping these are a steal. I love my black ones and these are even nicer then the black ones. The case is great for protecting them and comes with a cleaning cloth. Before you buy them at retail check groupon and EBay you can find then for over half off out there.


  1. I've always wanted Marc Jacob sunnies! I hope you have time to visit my blog. It will mean a lot. x

  2. Rien Bautista

    I will visit you blog and follow, thank you for passing by mine and for commenting. Marc Jacobs glasses are available on Ebay at great prices and recently groupon has had deals on both Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors glasses. Check for you local area and see if they still have. If you want to know who I bought from on Ebay message me I highly recommend them great glasses and 100% authentic. Hope you had a great weekend and again thank you for passing by and commenting=).