Friday, November 16, 2012

Marc Jacobs glasses came:)

I got my new sun glasses I bid on from eBay. Was so mad when I missed out on them for $50 something on groupon but ended up finding same pair on eBay for $40 and I love them:). Love the case and came with the cleaning cloth. What a deal. I ordered another pair a little different with gold an brown then got some Michael Kors off Groupon this week for $58. In sunny South Florida a girl can never have enough glasses. My favorites are my coach aviators, Prada pair and my Versace awesome gold and brown pair but paid a lot for those. The coach were like $150 but one pair of prada's I got on sale for $200 and the others hubby got me which were retail. My Versace ones were most expensive and I only break them out when no kids, make sure case is in my purse so if I remove them they don't get messed up. They were a pair I would have never even tried on cause I wouldnt have thought they would look good on the shape of my face but the sales last suggested them and they looked amazing. By far most complimenting pair I have:).

These Marc Jacobs are my third pair by him and love them. Posting photos below so you can see them now that I received them. Anxiously awaiting my new Marc Jacobs Dr q bag:). Been wanting it forever and couldn't find them super excited I got a $400 bag for $100 hope it is real and is what was pictured, that is the one risk with eBay is some people like to scam but alteast your guaranteed with eBay and PayPal. Will post as soon as I get it hoping it may still come today if not tomorrow:). Would make my day. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, girls night tonight new weekend ritual.


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