Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Michael Kors Python bag, for $298

I was out shopping wednesday for Christmas gifts for my kids and hubby when I walked into the purse department, just to look so I could take pictures for hubby of the Hamilton bag by Michael Kors because I want a brown and silver small one for Christmas.  They were having this friends and family 25% off sale, and I found this bag, retails for $398-$448 depending on color.  With the discount came out to same cost as the small Hamilton $298 I want for Christmas.  Momma got a new bag and wasn't even looking.  I had gotten a letter that the state had $339 of my money from an old escrow I had so I had this extra cash I was going to save for our cruise but feel in love.  One catch you pre pay then pick it up Wed when the sale starts.  I got it cause it was the last one they had and when they checked there inventory only one other Macy's in Miami had 2.  Now I have the wallet, a watch, perfume, victoria secret stuff and the other purse on my wish list.  I love this bag and am so excited for Wed!  Lol.

I work very hard so I figured I deserved it lol.  I can't wait to see what Santa brings me cause I have been a very good girl this year.  XOXO


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  2. Longha I removed your comment cause it seemed like advertising and made little sense. My bag is real I bought it at Macy's I certainly don't think they sell fakes, and I am not interested in buying fakes. Knock offs are illegal last time I checked so if you are selling or advertising for illegal not cool please don't use my blog to do that. I like to let my blog readers know where they can buy real designer products at discount or clearance prices below retail cost. Thank you for reading though.