Thursday, November 8, 2012

Can't believe it

I am super happy today since starting kickboxing a month ago I really haven't weighed myself cause I like to see it in inches and clothes rather then on the scale. I go to the doctor this morning for my physical so I will see weight on her scale but I was wanting to wear a pair of skinny jeans I have in a size 5 I haven't fit in in over a year due to weight gain from medication I was taking that I have since stopped taking over the summer. They fit me and aren't even tight I am super happy and so glad I am finally getting my old body back. I was always super thin maybe a 0-3 my entire life even after one kid but the second one made life harder and turning thirty. When she was two I lost forty pounds and was back down to a size 1/2 and weighed 118 but then wanted to gain weight feeling I was too thin for my height which is 5'7 and age so I worked out and ate more got to perfect weight 124 and size 4/5. Then I had to take medicine for anxiety and depression for a year and started gaining weight. I tried dieting, crossfit and other workouts nothing worked. Dr said my thyroid was slowing down and I was worried weight would never come off but once I felt better I weaned off the medication fast and honestly feel better then I have in years.

Working out has changed how I feel and look. I love the boxing and kickboxing classes they are amazing. I am hooked and the jeans fitting this am motivated me even more:). I have run before only to stay the same size and tried all the fad diets to only lose a few pounds now eating healthy and hitting the gym 3-4 times a week alteast is showing me changes more then ever and im over the moon happy:).