Thursday, November 8, 2012

Essie Turquoise and Caicos Joby Nail Art Tiffany inspired manicure

Posting some photos of my Tiffany inspired manicure I did using Essie turquoise and Caicos nail polish along with the amazing Joby Nail Art decals. I got some amazing variety of Joby decals and been using them a lot! They are super cute and easy to apply. Love them an recommend them to everyone, I get lots of compliments and comments about them:). Everyone thinks they are painted on.

These super cute bows have rhinestones in some of them in the middle of the bow. I will be posting many more photos including ones with all the nails done using the decals. I use tweezers to apply them once my polish is dry, make sure it is dry cause if it is wet it leaves and indent which isn't pretty. Then I apply a top coat and it looks almost seem less like it was painted on. They stay on as long as your polish and remove very easy with polish remover.

I applied base coat of Sally Hansen's maximum growth nourishing base coat. Then three coats of the Essie Turquoise and Caicos cause two coats was still looking streaky in spots. I also have china glaze for Audrey that is a Tiffany inspired turquoise but that also is streaky to apply. Wanted something a little different so went with the Essie polish this time. After the coats dried I applied two decals one of each now with a rhinestone from the Joby collection and then topped all nails with a top coat of Out The Door, my favorite along with Poshe.

I will be announcing a contest soon with some Joby nail art decals, a coupon for Joby and a mini bottle of Poshe top coat:). Keep looking got more details. Enjoy my Tiffany inspired manicure, one of many I have done and will do I'm sure in the future:).

For more details and photos of nail art from Joby visit and also check them out on fb:). Thank you Erika:).

Happy almost weekend.

Meli xoxo


  1. Nice post dear :)

    Btw. you can join Estée Lauder Giveaway on my blog :)

  2. This is so delicate and beautiful!!

  3. O my goodness. I LOVE this! So beautiful!

  4. Thank you Jiah and Claire, I love this color also. I am a blue/turquoise fan so I have lots of colors similar but this one I really love. The Joby Nail art decals are awesome too and so easy to apply giving away some samples, contest link is at the top of the page=). Tell your friends and other bloggers also.