Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quick mani before gym and lucky day!

To start I won a Michael Kors jet set tote today. I was so excited entered the drawing almost two months ago when I got email to confirm prize thought it was a scam so gave po box address went to post office to mail some things and to my surprise there was a box! I would have never bought this bag myself. I like the all leather ones and so many I like this would have been on the bottom. I was happy it is not the canvas one cause I dot care for the canasta bags they tend to fade and stain easy. I am super happy it is valued at $198 and I wanted a brown bag since I just got a black python leather one.

I decided after trying the new nail colors to go with a quick mani before the gym today. I picked Zoya Aurora from the Ornate collection. What a gorgeous polish. All of the colors I have tried from this collection are gorgeous and even though they are packed with sparkle super easy to remove not like typical glitter polishes which I love but hate at the same time lol.

I was in a rush I leave in twenty for boxing class so I got dressed first except for my shoes. I applied one quick coat of Butter London Nail Foundation then two quick coats of the Zoya Aurora finished with quick dry Out the Door top coat. Nails are pretty much dry in less then a couple minutes which is a must for an always on the go mom.

This polish is so pretty pictures don't do it justice. I love purple and it is a perfect shade of purple filled with iridescent sparkles that remind me of a glitter ornament or glass ornament for the holidays. Put me in a festive mood for sure:). I will post more photos later when I have more time to snap some and also going to upload my camera shots of Christmas tree, decor and some nail polish swatches I been meaning to upload for awhile.

Have a great mid week and so happy the weekend is almost here:). Today makes three days in a row of gym I been going 3-5 days a week while I can but both daughters sports seasons start in the upcoming weeks so besides their practices I will have games also. I am planning on going to am classes and they have a morning boot camp class for two hours Monday Wednesday and Friday I have been dying to go to. For now meeting a good friend in the evenings for boxing, kickboxing and box fit classes. I'm down from a wearing a size 12-10 to a 5-7 in jeans and from a large top to medium and a few larges depends on top. Weight wise down 18 lbs from start almost six weeks ago next Monday will be six week mark. I see a huge change in my body from how defined it is, overall inches, my energy, self esteem and sleep is much easier. I love this gym and the classes highly recommend it over all other fads out there now. Swear by it, I get the best work out and I can kick some butt lol. That doesn't hurt any these days.

Off to work out enjoy photos below

Above is a photo of the prize I won=).  I am very happy even though I would not have picked this myself but don't have.  Hubby got me the one I wanted already early Christmas gift cause Macy's had a sale.  I still love it and will be wearing it for sure.

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