Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Amazing mail day Birchbox November and hgtv holiday magazine:)

I absolutely love mail, wether surprises, subscriptions, gifts or stuff I purchase I enjoy receiving mail. Samples are always a favorite of mine cause I love to try new things. I also like magazines:). I am a reader, I love to read and write always have since I was young. I use to write little fiction novels when I was ten to fifteen still have them along with my journals.

Reading is a passion I love books, religious historical reads and anything fashion, baking, event or party planning and design! I always am excited for my seasonal hgtv magazine and this one has to be my favorite issue yet cause it is holiday issue. I love the holidays already have my Christmas decor out of storage and attic in my office ready to break out Thanksgiving morning:).

I have been making garland, wreaths, centerpieces, personalized ornaments and more. I go all out every holiday. However I do not get corny and decorate my car that is to much lol. Besides my hubby would never drive in it he already refuses to drive in my car with my FSU sticker and some other ones. Mostly I have support causes like lupus, leukemia, and breast cancer cause I have lost my dad, a close friends sister who was younger then me and a few friends to these awful diseases.

I got my November Birchbox. I got home and my mom was saying my youngest daughter said to her ah man it's a box but just mom's Birchbox lpl. My kids know already it is funny. I am waiting for my new Marc Jacobs buys and have some craft stuff coming I got from Cricut online:).

In my nov Birchbox was some great items. Starting with Archipelago Pomegranate Body Soap, I love new soaps:). I also got Marula The Leakey Collection which is an Omega rich pure Marula oil. I have read amazing things about these products. Helps reverse and reduce the signs of aging excited to try this.

Also got a bottle of Model Co fibre lashxtend lengthening mascara with a built in mirror on the bottle love that feature! Oscar Blandi pronto texture and volume hair spray and to give since it is the month of being thankful and giving a bottle of John Varvatos Artisan. I love John Varvatos fragrances for men amazing.

They also sent a box to give a gift in and a coupon. I always love my Birchbox. Never been disappointed:). I can't wait to read my magazine but have to relax for a few before I head out to a hard core night of training and boxing at the gym. Love Tonight's trainer he is amazing:). I see big changes in a month! It has been one month a down three sizes and 18lbs I see the inches the most cause I have got a lot of tone and definition.

Have a great week all and so excited for the week ahead and next week with thanksgiving. I had my oldest daughter on thanksgiving 13 years ago this year best thanksgiving ever:). Have a lot to be thankful for especially when so many people are struggling with jobs, paying bills losing homes etc. I hope everyone has an amazing holiday and a lot to be thankful for also:). Xoxo


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