Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Butter London Slapper pedicure

Paint my toe nails a couple times a week sometimes usually Monday or Tuesday then sometimes on Friday if I am going out and want the polish to match shoes or outfit. I go for a pedicure at salon every two weeks but mostly just for the scrubbing and cleaning up usually get clear polish sometimes a French cause I don't usually keep the color cause I like to paint my own. I have over two hundred polishes of my own so I always have a color I want to try or something that looks amazing with shoes or an outfit.

This past weekend I went for turquoise color by Butter London called Slapper. I haven't worn this color yet but love it. I like bright, dark or bold colors and sometimes settle for a French but more natural looking French not pink cause I have a foot fetish always like my toes to be seen and living in Florida I wear a lot of flip flops and sandals.

I applied a base coat of Butter London nail foundation, then two thin coats, could have done one coat cause polish covered amazing but wanted a little brighter:). Two coats of Butter London Slapper then Poshe quick dry top coat. If I don't decide to change the polish for color change or new look my toe polish will last two weeks. Rarely ever chips just new growth looks tacky to me lol.

Excited to start wearing blues, whites, reds, greens, metallic colors and more for holidays. I love winter/Christmas time. Got some fashion and jewelry accessory finds to write up and post also then working on photos of the dresser I finished also my master bedroom makeover and daughter/guest bathroom makeovers:). Lots of posts to come and by this weekend will have the new contest posted with Joby nail art decals, coupon and some mini Poshe top coat and orly polishes. Enjoy pedicure pics and I have the new attachment for my phone with 3 in 1 lense just always forget it lol. It takes much clearer close up photos with micro lense and want to show you some. I used it for the Joby owl sticker close ups. Off to get some photos of my jewelry and fall/winter wardrobe additions all amazing deals from Kohl's and then my new Marc Jacobs finds from eBay will be here soon. Can't wait:)!


  1. this gold piece is nice :)

  2. The gold piece is from Joby Nail Art and I have more photos in the previous blog of my manicure with the decals, they are easy to apply and mess free. Check out their site at I love them=).